ABBA sponsors a children’s home in Africa

ABBA – all four members are behind the sponsorship

The world-famous Swedish pop band ABBA used to only sing ‘SOS’ – now they are supporting SOS Children’s Villages.

Together with their production companies the four members of the 1970s supergroup are going to sponsor the construction of a house in the newly constructed SOS Children’s Village Bossangoa, Central African Republic built in honour of Pippi Longstocking author Astrid Lindgren.

“SOS Children’s Villages have a very serious and long term approach that we were impressed by and we thought it would be fun to build a house in the village,” said Bjorn Ulvaeus in an interview with the Swedish business web magazine Ulvaeus, along with Agnetha Faltskog, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad is one of four former members of the Swedish pop/rock group which was formed in 1972. During the 1970s they became one of the most successful acts in the history of pop music, topping the charts worldwide until their breakup in 1983.

The four former members of the group have reunited to give a loving home to 10 children in the Central African Republic. There are two villages in the Central African Republic, in Bangui and Bouar, and a new village is being constructed in Bossangoa, consisting of 12 family houses for 120 children. The new Bossangoa village will include a house funded through donations from ABBA, in cooperation with their record company Polar Music and their music publishing house Union Songs.

“It’s fantastic that ABBA, Polar Music and Union Songs engage in our work,” said Anna Ryott, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages Sweden. “Thanks to that we will be able to give more children in Central African Republic a loving home and a caring family.”

The Children’s Village in Bossangoa is being built in memoriam of Swedish children’s author Astrid Lindgren, known internationally for her Pippi Longstocking books. The house has been called “Bullerbyn” – a village in one of Lindgren’s books. The initiative has been taken by the company Saltkrakan (run by Lindgren’s relatives), toy company Micki Leksaker, and the amusement park Astrid Lindgren’s World. The construction is a long-term cooperation which also includes a preschool, a school, a medical centre and a social centre.

“The combination of Astrid Lindgren and ABBA has a special glow I think. To do something with Astrid Lindgren’s relatives felt like a good idea,” said Mr Ulvaeus, who has been an Lindgren’s work.

The 67-year-old musician has never been to the Central African Republic, but the house that will be built has inspired him to find out more about the country and possibly visit the village in the future. When asked why the members of ABBA opted for supporting the SOS Children’s Village in Bossangoa, Mr Ulvaeus explained: “One has to be convinced that the money really is used for the purpose. That was what convinced us. This project will be a reality and it is concrete, it is not a lot of middle hands that take away some of the amount on the way.”

The above news release appeared on the SOS Children’s Villages website. All quotes from Bjorn Ulvaeus are taken from an interview of the Swedish business magazine


  • The great project! Do it like ABBA, do it with ABBA, do it better than ABBA!

  • Hm, I know something they could do to raise enough money to sponsor all villages around the planet for a lot of years 😉

  • So is it actually “abba” that is sponsoring , or Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and frida? If the former I do find that …curious. An excellent thing to do though. A case of that “good enough reason…” that Benny always used to talk about? I can but speculate and hope in vain….

  • Hm, I know as well… If we all take Benny serious, he said that “Abba” ceased to exist, then we have to assume that four individuals donate money instead of the former group. Which in this case sounds ridiculous. So Abba has indeed reunited, and the question remains if they will visit the place together as Björn mentioned that he wished to. Nevertheless, all speculations are absurd anyway. Maybe they should sing “Just Like That” together 😉 just kidding…

  • But it’s great what they do, that needs to be said after all!!!

  • Kudos to all who came together for this project. It is really great when people put aside their differences to make this great cause a reality!

  • As above,very curious,is this down to 4 individuals sponsorship,or,despite what Benny says,and I dont for one minute blame the guy for being cautous in what he says,BUT is Abba,as a group doing this.
    Incidentally,whoever is backing this,beit four former members,or Abba as one,I think its a great idea,worthy of everyones support,and what a great way to remember the Swedish author.
    Also,Bjorn may well visit the country,but i cant see Agnetha doing the same,knowing how she likes flying,and its a very long way by car or ship and a very long swim.
    But good on all four of them,and Bjorn is right in his comment about where the money goes,too many of these do good companies have external hands helping spend money,when the money should be doing more concrete work.


    I do not think any fan should assume that any reunion should be in spandex singing Gimme Gimme Gimme. We all know their ages. But I think nearly every fan would be hugely appreciative for a 10 song set of slower songs, A & F dressed in long evening gowns, B & B in suits, in nice concert hall venues.

    No hectic schedule. No crazy pressure. They could even travel by private rail car and see the scenery and countryside and people of the world.

    Just for the fans. And the villages. And maybe even for them, one final glorious closing statement of their career.

  • Dear Björn and Benny

    It is very good idea to help children in Africa. Children in all the world need help. And do it as Abba is a great idea cause many people will note it especially abba-fans. I have a wonderfull boy and know how important it is to help children.
    Good Luck!!!

    Sincerly from Susanne Andersen, Denmark

  • i think ABBA are in a very powerful position, ie. the only band that never came back; and that is a mantle they should not give up but for a VERY good reason. but a very good reason could be a tastefully prepared, mature performance – and a guaranteed `one off` one, at that, unlike the celebs that claim to have retired, and then do countless encores….- no, if they are to risk their rep of being the only band to not be tempted by the bucks, it would have to be an affair pre organized to have the MAXIMUM benefit to charity, and, of course, they wouldn`t want to be wearing inappropriate stage gear. just look at the likes of olivia newton john, kim wilde, etc., all stars over a certain age, and presenting themselves in a VERY age appropriate way, so NO ONE could have the chance to diss them in any way. just look at the way benny and bjorn have promoted themselves in the last decade and a half, and follow suit…..there`s the clue: ABBA in suits…..CLASS to the end.

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