Benny records with another Frida

Benny recording at Riksmixningsverket with Frida Hyvönen

There is apparently more to come of this video next week – capturing the recording sessions at Benny’s studio Riksmixningsverket, in which Swedish singer Frida Hyvönen’s third album To The Soul was recorded.

Frida Hyvönen according to her website is known as an enchanting stage performer and comedienne, a “stormy” piano player and impressive lyricist.

And on her album, which was released in April, the website extols: Hyvönen continues the exploration of the condition of various things. A grandmother’s passing, someone else’s holiday pictures posted on the internet, a moon pulling away the ocean and revealing a sea creatures’ slow wandering over a stone. A dancehall where no one dances any more, hands that move like batons between generations, and something as commonly humdrum as picking apples.

The album To The Soul was recorded during the Autumn of 2011.

In this track, Postcards Benny contributes his whistling and ukelele playing skills. Enjoy!:

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  • Looking at the credits at:, Benny does not appear to be feature on the actual record however – so is this video showing a run through of the song?

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