Agnetha Fältskog is recording new material (Updated)

Agnetha appearing in the video for her single 'When You Really Loved Someone'
Agnetha appearing in the video for her single ‘When You Really Loved Someone’

Agnetha’s spokesman, Staffan Linde, told Swedish media outlets that Agnetha is working on new original material alongside Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson. Elofsson has previously penned and produced tunes for the likes of Will Young, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Westlife.

He could not say when the new album will be released but it was revealed that the album will probably be signed to the Universal Music label.

Predictably the story has been picked up around the world, with varying degrees of accuracy. Some going for the sensationalist angle, that Agnetha is “refusing” to record with her old bandmates “breaking the hearts of ABBA fans”, when nothing of the sort was even mentioned in the original statement.

There are also the usual references to Agnetha’s supposed status in Sweden as “Garbo the second”. There is also lots of mis-reporting regarding when she was last in the studio, most stating it was in the 90s, when of course it was around 2004, when she released the solo album My Colouring Book.

In the UK, My Colouring Book was certified as a silver recording with sales in excess of 60,000 units and reached No. 12 in the album charts. In Germany the album peaked at an even more impressive No. 6. Predictably, the album did best in the Nordic region where in Sweden alone it was a No. 1 and was awarded triple platinum album sales status.

The rumoured first single
‘When You Really Loved Someone’

Update: 05 March 2013

The first single is likely to be a track penned by Gary Barlow and producer Jorgen Elofsson called When You Really Loved Someone.

An mp3 of the track along with cover artwork was advertised on and said to be released on 11 March. The link was later removed.

Update: 11 March 2013

Today came the confirmation of the album’s title, simply A along with a tracklist. In addition the singles When You Really Loved Someone and the Germany-only The One Who Loves You Now were released.

A new website address, and a release date for the album in some territories (13 May in the UK) were announced. A brand new interview with the BBC was published. Agnetha’s new official Facebook page and Twitter account (@AgnethaOfficial) will go live today.

Press release: Agnetha has been working with renowned, Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Jorgen Elofsson – who has been responsible for hits by Britney Spears , Kelly Clarkson , Celine Dion and Westlife, among others – and acclaimed producer/arranger Peter Nordahl on her brand new album.

“She wanted to make music again,” says Elofsson, “We could feel that. She had been thinking about it. Basically, she’s a musician, a songwriter/singer who hasn’t done that for a while. We saw her open up, become much happier, with music again in her life.”

The album features one of Agnetha first co-writes in many years: “I hadn’t written any music for a long, long time,” she says. “But I sat at the piano, and suddenly it was there.”

Anticipated by millions of ABBA fans worldwide, Agnetha’s brand new material will be released this spring in the US by The Verve Music Group and Internationally by Universal Music Group, the global music leader.

Max Hole, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Universal Music Group International, added:  “You can imagine the excitement that all of us felt at the prospect of Agnetha making new music. So we were determined that she would choose Universal to bring that music to the world, and we are gratified that she did. This is a dream project for so many people inside our company, and for Agnetha’s fans around the globe.”

'A' by Agnetha. The new album.
‘A’ by Agnetha. The new album.

The most anticipated new album of 2013 was recorded and produced by Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl:  “We wanted to make this as if Agnetha hadn’t entered ABBA,” says Elofsson. “We were interested in what she sounded like if she hadn’t been in the group. And yet it’s important that she comes across as we remember her to be.”


1. The One Who Loves You Now 3:30
2. When You Really Loved Someone 3:31
3. Perfume In the Breeze 3:31
4. I Was a Flower 4:08
5. I Should’ve Followed You Home (Duet with Gary Barlow) 4:04
6. Past Forever 3:30
7. Dance Your Pain Away 4:10
8. Bubble 4:21
9. Back On Your Radio 3:43
10. I Keep Them On the Floor Beside My Bed 4:06

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  • Indeed good news: well done, Agnetha!
    I’m a little worried about a hip producer and the expectations following this; Agnetha mentioned years ago that she felt like returning with a swedish album of more traditional or ‘folk’ type music: if only!!
    In swedish her voice always sound more convincing; I’d love to hear her acoustic and naked, comfortable in her own tongue.

    But I am anticipated; I’m sure she knows what she is doing, and that she is in good hands.

    I’m sure Benny would come over and lay down some keyboard on a track if you asked him, Agnetha…?

  • Hopefully the album will include several of her own new compositions.

  • It would be so amazing to have a new Agnetha album! I am on a high!!!

  • Of course it would be perfect if Agnetha sang Benny & Bjorn songs, but Jorgen Elofsson has written some wonderful ballads for Westlife and Britney, just to name two of many (he wrote The way you make me feel too, for Steps) so I can’t wait to hear the outcome. Luscious melodic, happy/sad melodies sung by the best singer ever, bit like the songs of my youth 😉

  • I was so happy when Agnetha released my Colouring book. I have all her albums, each is special. I do like her Swedish ones, its such an expressive and acoustic language, but her singing in English is just as amazing. When My colouring Book came out,I knew I’d like it and preordered it, I was just glad for another release from Agnetha, but technically it was the best yet, even though her early albums are so emotional in innocence and beauty, joy of life. But this worked well as a concept, with all tracks flowing and it is great when an artist adds to original songs from other artists by doing them in a unique way, as well as an artists writing their own songs. Her own compositions and collaborations have often been the best, wished there were more, she can never do too many songs unlike many pop artists.

    I am of course an Abba fan, the world’s biggest, eh eh, but yes, so have all the albums of Abba and appreciate all the talent of the whole group and have all solo albums and constantly enjoy Agnetha’s albums. The combination of the two ladies, their voices compliment each other in an unbeatable way and the sheer compositional talent of Bjorn and Benny means Abba are the worlds best group. and of the two ‘girls’ both amazing in their own rights, but my favourite is Agnetha.

    Not only have I always appreciated her beauty and she retains her unique beauty, her voice is like an angel and combines my favourite style of pop to ballads and Swedish folk music style.

    Such amazing news, in a world of so much trouble these days, that needs real Heavenly music to be able to appreciate real beauty of the world and the universe.
    I of course look forward to the new album, its great to think of her back in the studio, it will be an amazing experience for Agnetha and everyone working with her on it. The videos of her in the studio making My Colouring Book, looking so happy and she deserves to be happy as she gives so many people around the world feelings of joy and happiness, that in life’s troubles can give a reason to be happy and to think of her in the studio again, such a happy scene.

    Tack för musiken, att flickan med de gyllene hår Agnetha, kärleksfull excitements, Alla Bästa,
    Jonathan (från England)

  • I just hope Jörgen respects Agnetha’s history. I love Celine, but Agnetha would take her to the woodshed and teach her a few things. I have a strong feeling that the world is going to see “The Queen of Hearts is back in town…The Queen of Hearts STILL wears the CROWN”. This is going to be good, I can’t wait!

  • This is off course great news .I hope there will be some more news soon as to what language it will be in etc.
    I never expected to be expiriencing this again to be honest and i came upon the news by chance.I too was enamoured with My colouring Book and i cant wait to hear the result of this latest project. I wonder what the title will be aswell.
    Heres waiting …..

  • I was truly elated when I heard the news! So much so that I couldn’t believe itI thought it was just gossip!She basically said at the lifetime achievements awards it’s over for her career along with Frida ha! In fact I would have expected even from Frida a full length c.d BEFORE another one from Agnetha!!Don’t know what it will be like but I have to respectfully disagree with the first comment about some traditional Swedish folk music c.d idea (which yes she mentioned could be a possibility)I think it could still have a place ..But FRANKLY as a native English speaker ..I hope not! (at least for the moment! Especially if that could mean ANOTHER c.d!!)Cheers to all Abba fans and this great /unexpected news!

  • This is the best news in a long time. I always had a gut feeling that we hadn’t heard the last from Agnetha and she seems to have been out and about a lot more lately 🙂

    As Robb says, I hope Jörgen realises what a legend he is working with and creates something special with her. Can’t wait to hear the result.

  • Agnetha and the producer of Britney, Celine Dion & Westlife. Oh my god! That sounds terrible!
    I think that the best producer for Agnetha will be Elvis Costello,
    That would be the most interesting album of the year!
    I hope Agnetha will make an album a la Marianne Faithfull,
    I mean with very interesting songwriters like Beck.
    That would really be amazing!
    I hope she has the guts!

  • I think that this a great new for all the ABBA fans , tomorrow I read it and I still can´t believe it.
    Agnetha is the best singer in the world and I wish that her new Album is a success.
    Greetings to every ABBA fans and of course to the fabulous 4 from Stockholm:

    Anni Frid
    Benny And

  • It is truly wonderful news that Agnetha is recording again and not just a track or two but a whole new album of original material!
    I too,like others have mentioned,am surprised as she said it was the end of her recording career.
    Can’t wait to hear the results maybe sometime next year.
    Great to have her back!

  • I think we would all like another songwriting tour de force like ‘Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus’, but that probably won’t happen, just because she is no longer trying to make a musical statement of her own independence outside of ABBA, which is where that album came from. I agree with the spirit of first commentator in that, I would like something personal and melodic and not technopop, the latter where it doesn’t matter to a large extent whether Agnetha is the artist or not. But I think you need to remember that her first single was a very strong self penned composition, and she has demonstrated considerable skill whenever she has decided to write her own material, which many times has drawn inspiration from traditional Swedish music.

  • Can’t wait. Shame Frida isn’t singing too. I mean, both together, it would ROCK THE WORLD. I don’t want a stage reunion, BUT another studio album would blow everyone away. They all admitted they were more comfortable in the studio so….. Even at their respective ages and musical ranges I bet the sounds are STILL there. Celine Dion and the likes cannot hold a candle to these two ladies.

  • I would be happy if there was at least one song on the album written by Agnetha herself, and pleased and shocked also if there was something written by Bjorn and Benny…

  • We celebrated our civil partnership on the 6th of October and I read unexpectatly that Agnetha was re-recording. What a wonderful present…. I am so excited and pleased that she is doing this. I so wanted another release following her last one. She has a lovely voice and has not been always fully appreciated – she should have more success. I wait with anticipation ……..

  • Well, I just can’t wait. What a great piece of news. I hope it’s in English. With Jorgen Elofsson’s songwriting credits, it sounds more than likely that it will be in English. I have to confess, I have several of Frida’s Swedish language albums – which I love, but none of Agnetha’s.

    How good is it, once more, to be looking forward from day to day, to seeing something new, about a new project, from one of these ladies.

    I never thought I’d be doing this again.



  • I was so happy to hear about Agnethas work in the studio. Most important for me is that she feels good and in harmony with her work and the people, she works with and that she can record in her own tempo. When

    I hear and sing with her voice It feels like it is a part of my soul! Perhaps she needs still a woman for the choir?

    My thoughts and love are all time with her. God bless her and the work on this album. Greetings to Agnetha from Christiane B., Germany

  • Agnetha 2 years said to want reunite ABBA. So, she doesn’t refuse to record with other bandmates, but on the contrary.

  • On the Abbatoday site it is reproted that Benny has heard some of Agnethas new material and describes it as “unbelievably modern and good” now im quite exited ,,does any one have any other snippets ????

  • What do ABBA Fans think of the idea of Agnetha re-recording
    ‘The Day Before You Came’, to make it the Global Hit, that it
    should have been for ABBA? It is regarded as a ‘Classic’, by
    both the Media & Fans. It was Voted the UK’s 3rd Favourite
    ABBA Song, in a TV Poll, a few Years ago. That is despite it
    only reaching No.32, in the UK, in 1982. She could record it,
    & make it the lead Single off her Album. It’s just an idea, that
    I had, anyhow…..

  • Personally, I think that Agnetha should work with Barry Gibb,
    who made great Singles with Barbra Streisand, (‘Woman In
    Love’), Dionne Warwick, (‘Heartbreaker’), & Diana Ross,
    (‘Chain Reaction’). Or, with Jeff Lynn, who revived the late
    Roy Orbison’s career with ‘You Got It’, in the late 1980’s, &
    who gave Olivia Newton-John one of her final Global Hits,
    with ‘Xanadu, in 1980. Which she recorded with his Group,
    the Electric Light Orchestra. All of those Singles were huge,
    because they were good. The Barbra Streisand Single, &
    her ‘Guilty’ Album, were gigantic Hits, in 1980/1981.

  • I think she should leave Abba alone and do her own thing,with all respect.I also think that she may not be looking ffor international big hits and i dont think she would be up for all that is involved in that.
    I think she is probably doing it because the time is right ,,,she feels a desire to do it and wants to do something new ,,,and maybe it will be the last time she feels this way…i dont think there will be any involvment from other Abba members because i think they are carefull not to fuel reunion fever as i imagine it gets too much to deal with ,,,,,its just great for me that she is doing it and im glad for that,,,,,

  • Good last comment from Dave I think! As much as I or I assume most of us would like abba to reform …record or whatever!I don’t think it will happen or as Agnetha said …maybe a one off thing..I’d be happy if they were all just interviewed together as a group!!!….And as far as Agnetha being the one that has been accused of preventing this happening for many years…I think now maybe the others are not keen anymore…..And Benny’s comment ..”light years away ” ..Well that certainly doesn’t give us fans much hope now does iT!!! Ha!…Then again Agnethas recording again!!!! Go figure! So stranger things have happened!!..Cheers all!

  • I am a huge fan of your music and can’t wait for your new album to come out. I think you have a beautiful voice!

    PS. I am ten years old

  • Benny has said that he has heard some of the tracks and that they sound good and modern. I read on Twitter someone who said that there are at least 4 tracks on the album that are good enough to be singles. There are 11 tracks in total apparently. Keep your eyes open on Twitter for updates.

  • I`m very pleased to hear that Agnetha is back in the studio and still singing.
    I hope someone lets us, over here in UK, know when the album is released. However, in the meantime, I wish Agnetha a long and happy life and look forward to her album…Live long and prosper Agnetha…best wishes from UK.

  • Agnetha Faltskog and Annifrid Lyngstad are both undoubtedly and increasingly known to be some of the best female singers in the history of popular music across the entire planet.

    Any news involving their work (and not their private life) should be a major event – Agnetha’s exciting newswire about her planned 2013 studio album of new recorded music with the talented Jorgen Elofsson deserves to be made no exception.

    We have heard that the new material is “unbelievably modern and good..” “11 tracks possibly 13..” etc..but one thing we can be certain is that whatever Agnetha sings will be nothing short of breathtakingly fantastic.

  • With the news that Agnetha has recorded a duet with Gary Barlow, I think this album is going to be big ! Agnetha has a good ear for music and isn’t going to record anything sub standard. I just hope she does a bit more in the way of promotion for the album and that Universal Music play their part as well.

    I I had one criticism of ” My Colouring Book ” it was the album cover which in my opinion wasn’t that great as the photo didn’t show that clearly that it was Agnetha, had it been a better photo I think buyers would have recognised her more easily and bought the album.

  • I can not wait for the new Agnethá s album and I do hope that this will motivate Frida to also record a ne cd:-)

  • I am absolutely delighted to wait for this album. Hope i will find it in the stores in Malaysia. Love them ABBA so much and Agnetha is my very favourite girl. Wishing you all the magic come back in 2013. Hip Hip Hooray.

  • I’m not buying any more solo records by ABBA – they should be ashamed of themselves – as a thank you to the fans they should do one more studio album – they never said goodbye to the legions of loyal fans Now that they are millionairres they dont need their fans – Im not supporting them anymore

  • I’m really excited about it! Agnetha is a trully gifted artist with a unique, magical voice and all her recordings throughout all these years have been top noch quality; so I’m pretty sure she won’t disappoint the confidence we have put on her.
    I only think that 11 or 13 tracks leave ample room for some alternative versions, especially of “hidden” album tracks, to be included in the CD just to make it more value for money. An acapella version of any song from the album would be the ultimate gift for any Agnetha fan as I’m certainly am.
    The chosen singles could include different remixes and / or alternative versions as she had done with Almighty for “My Colouring Book”.
    As for the picture chosen for the album cover in “My Colouring Book”, I couldn’t agree more with Jon fron the UK; but it meant a lot to Agnetha at the time because we have to remember that she came back to the recording studio after a 17-year hiatus!!!
    If she hasn’t recorded any Bjorn & Benny songs, well, maybe in a future release…who knows..
    I hope some day she would consider recording an entire CD of songs from hit musicals in English. Something like “Heaven Help My Heart ” from Chess, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from Evita, “Memories” from Cats, something from Kristina From Duvemala,etc… (and why not including a studio version of “I’m Still Alive” in it.It wouldn’t be out of place.. ) She most certainly has the voice for it!!!
    Best Regards to all ABBA fans around the world and God save the Queen of Hearts.

  • When I listen to “SOS” or “The Winner takes it all”, I know this it the way Mozart would be writing and having performed his music today.
    Mozart is gone, but you are still here.
    Please give us more, it does not have to be a tour, but a studio album.
    Yes, the musicals, individual projects are fantastic, but the magic is in the potion called ABBA.

    I do not have a billion to give you to get together for more magical music, but I can tell you that you made even the most miserable moments in my life heavenly and sweet. All I needed was to sit back and put on one of your albums and I knew that the world is all right.

  • Regarding Ivan’s response – beautifully put, especially the last paragraph.

    And about a new studio album from ABBA. There wouldn’t necessarily HAVE to be as much imaginative effort put into this one, as far as this fan is concerned anyway. What about taking all the post ABBA gems – I Know Him So Well, Heaven Help My Heart, Just Like That, Slowly, Story Of A Heart, and so on, ‘just’ diggng out the old masters, and putting new vocal down?
    On a different note…..any guesses as to when Agnetha’s new album will be out? I’m so looking forward to this, especially bearing Benny’s recent comments in mind. It is her birthday in April, so that’s my guess. Can’t wait.

  • I am very lucky att Agnetha Fältskog is singing a new album. She is the best
    singer of the world. her voice is the best. I hope the album is coming in the next
    2 months.
    Jag längtar pa att höra pa Agnethas nya Musik inom snart tid. Jag älskar ju hennes Musik sa mycket. Hon är den bästa sangerkan pa världen. Pa andra
    platsen följer Annifrid . Möjligtvis sjunger ocksa Annifrid i framtiden pa nytt.
    Jag önskar ju Agnetha mycket lycka med den nya skivan. Hon är ju ocksa sa
    mycket attraktiva idag .
    Med de bästa hälsningar fran Rosi

  • The first single “When You Really Loved Someone” to be released 11th March !! Album to follow !!!

  • FAKE or the worst photoshop ever, No shadow under her feet!

  • I offer my sincere apologies as I now don’t know if my earlier post is correct – the release was listed on pre-release Amazon – but has now been removed ! This is how you generate publicity – apprently !

  • I like Agnetha very much and I’m very lucky to hear the new single cd is coming. It’s wonderful. Thank you Agnetha.

    Yours sinceraly Rosi

  • Ken Bruce said he would be playing a world exclusive of Agnetha’s new single – but didn’t say when – just that he would give advance warning. That was today in the middle of the second popmaster round. Here goes then…….

  • I heard that on Radio 2 as well Russell – i’m guessing Monday for the first play ?

  • Hi Jon, I’m going to be glued this morning ! Just in case……… Have you heard the snippet posted ? Sounds great.

  • At A from Agnetha will be available at the 10th of may!?
    You can pre-order already!

  • Hi all ,,im posting this message in response to an article ive just read on a site called V V N music,,i found it via a link on one of the Agnetha facebook pages.I followed the link in response to finding out that the 30 second snippet of the so called single has been removed from and we can no longer hear that snippet.When i followed the link to v v n music there is an article stating that the new album by Agnetha has been taken of their “to be released ” schedule.No further explanation was given.
    In the past week amazon have advertised a release date for a download mp3 then pulled it …and now this well as many other rumours.I
    I think its time that us fans were treated with just a little bit of repect.I have never experienced anything like this with other artists.
    I wondered if ice could use influence and try to clarify the situation once and for all…i think many fans would be thankful for that …Myself i feel like im being treated like child at a christmas party eagerly awaiting santa ,,,to be told oh no be good and he will soon be here ,,,,,, Now ive got that off my chest ,,,,,


  • I agree with Dave – this is now getting very frustrating – the only concrete news was from Ken Bruce on Radio 2 saying he will be playing an exclusive of Agnetha’s new single soon.

    I have heard the snippet on Russ but am becoming a sceptical about it, it’s not great quality so possibly a demo that they’ve got hold of also the phrase “Crying in the Dark” is sung twice in a short time so possibly an album track – there’s no doubt it’s Agnetha singing, but usually when a 30 clip is posted the title of the song usually features in it.

    Also the reports that it’s to be released on Universal’s Verve label is a bit curious as they tend to mainly feature Jazz or folk releases…. but will wait with baited breath for some kind of official announcement or some genuine radio play.

  • To Dave – thanks for leaving a message. I certainly have no influence over when and where Agnetha’s album will be released or how information about it is released to the public.

    However, I certainly don’t feel like I’m not being treated with any respect. The ones who should be respected are Agnetha, her management and her record company who will release material and issue releases to the press as and when they are ready.

    Stuff appearing online ‘erroneously’ can be down to a number of things, human error, mis-communication, market research (i.e. publicity) or even carefully choreographed campaigns.

    The best advice I can give is simply relax and await an official press release and/or statement. Either of which, will be covered by icethesite and many of the other ABBA-related websites out there.

    And you may not personally have experienced what has happened with Agnetha’s new release (online stores briefly showing pre-order links, samples etc) but I can tell you that it happens often!



  • Hi Ice thanks for replying ….I guess alot of people are frustrated with the goings on in the past week and its hard when you are not in the know so to speak ,,to understand how these things work.
    i have no idea who puts these little snippets out ,,,or why. they get removed the next day…is it the record companies ?or managers …i really have no idea.
    I guess im just venting frustration after waiting months and then thinking its all happening and then it doesnt and as a fan it just feels like that.
    So if i have got it wrong i apolgise

    All the best


  • Hi again Dave

    No need to apologise, you feel what you feel!

    I would say in a glass-half-full kind of way that that not so long ago a new Agnetha album was not realistically on anyone’s radar. Now that it is, it might be wise to note that it hasn’t experienced any kind of delay whatsoever because no actual release date has ever been given.


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