BAO boxset on the way, 6 CDs and 2 DVDs included (Updated)

Benny has revealed that a BAO box set is on the way!

Swedish media outlet Dagens Nyheter revealed yesterday that Benny Anderssons Orkester will release BAO in box next month, a 6 CD, 2 DVD collection covering BAO’s career so far but also including new material.

UPDATE 15 October:

There are 6, not 5 CDs in the box set: Spelmanslåtar / Orkestermusik / Sång (2 CD) / ”BAO På Turné” / Julmelodier (”Tomten har åkt hem”).

The CDs feature a total of 87 tracks and 5 hours of music!

BAO in Box!

The 2 DVDs include the SVT broadcast of Benny Anderssons Orkester 10 år recorded at Sofiero Slott, Helsingborg and in Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg during the Summer tour of 2011 (but with two extra tracks).

A real bonus is the inclusion of the documentary dubbed ‘the restaurant documentary’ by fans, Benny Anderssons Orkester på nya äventyr (Benny Anderssons Orkester’s new adventure) recorded at Restaurang Rabarber in Stockholm in 2001.

UPDATE 06 November:
The box set and the Christmas album both have a release date of 14 28 November.

Benny has re-ordered the music from previous albums to make each disc fit a particular theme, for example one disc features purely Helen Sjöholm on vocals, another simply folk music, one is a live disc, one features the vocals of Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg and Kalle Moraeus and in addition there is a Christmas album Tomten har åkt hem (Santa Claus has gone home) with a release date of 14 November.

The Christmas album is a mixture of newly written material with responsibility for lyrics on two tracks “lovingly handed over to Björn” and traditional songs which Benny has chosen specifically because they suit the orchestra. 4 new songs feature in the total of 11 tracks.

The contents of the DVDs were not mentioned in the interview but it is natural to suppose that they include the previously broadcast BAO concert TV specials filmed by SVT and much more.

In the interview, Benny speaks about Sorgmarsch the song from O klang och jubeltid which was used recently in a documentary about assassinated former Swedish prime-minister Olof Palme.

Originally just the track itself was going to be played to accompany a slideshow in the movie of photographs from Palme’s funeral but in the end Benny expanded the piece to 35 – 40 minutes and took control of all the music for the film Olof Palme – Loved And Hated. “It was a fun job,” said Benny “I see it as a real honour to have been involved.”

During the interview, details also emerged about Benny’s most recent work, the new piece that Benny has written for the world’s most modern Symphony organ located in the Acusticum in Piteå, which is consecrated. The new work is an eleven minute long ‘polska’ which Benny will perform in Piteå next Sunday (21 October) with Orsa spelmän and organist Gunnar Idenstam.

The interview concludes with talk of Hjälp sökes (Help wanted), Benny’s new stage musical project with Kristina Lugn and Lars Rudolfsson which opens in Stockholm next year. “When the project was announced in September, two thirds of the music was already completed,” said Benny. The interviewer asks “So the tickets are on sale but the music is not finished yet…isn’t that a bit stressful?” – “No, because I am disciplined” replies Benny.

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  • That’s a great idea from the usual re-release: putting the music into themes. Good one Benny 🙂 Also looking forward to the Christmas album, and hearing a soundtrack to ‘Hjälp sökes’. Cheers

  • What I don’t like in these boxsets is that fans who already have all the records are forced to buy them for the second time to get the dvd’s and the other extra material. It is like a slap on the face of dedicated fans.

    For those who have just discovered BAO, the box is of corse a good way to get all the material. For us, who have loyally bought all the albums it is an overpriced way to get the new material.


  • Simply wonderful. Can’t wait !

  • Oh, this is I hope there will be a DVD version for the North American fans too.

  • Hi Ice, Just checking, is the Chrismas album included in the boxset or is that seperate, Just checking before I purchase the christmas album as thats on pre-order
    Hope all is good with you matey, Billy

  • That all sounds very nice, but where is the kitchen sink?

  • Great news! Be good to have all this as I only have Story Of A Heart on cd!
    It would make a good Christmas present…any idea of price anyone?

  • Great news, but where is the interview you keep referring to?

  • The link is behind the Dagens Nyheter paywall, which is why I didn’t include it.

  • Do we know if the DVD’s will have English subtitles?

  • No English subtitles from what I hear, Paul.

  • Mine arrived today with a signed photo of BAO by Benny! It looks awesome! 🙂

  • Stephen asked: WHERE CAN I BUY THIS BAO ORKESTRA BOX SET From please?

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