Tomten har åkt hem – tracklist

11 tracks, 4 brand new songs – album released 19 November

BAO’s Christmas music CD features 11 tracks, 4 brand new songs (lyrics on two have been written by Björn). The album is also included on the BAO in Box collection.


  • Marsch Militaire
  • Tomten har åkt hem
  • Julvals
  • Tomtestomp
  • Knalle Juls vals
  • Tomtarnas vaktparad
  • Vinterhamn
  • Mössens julafton (När nätterna blir långa)
  • Trettondagspolkan
  • Julpotpurri
  • Nu tändas tusen juleljus


  • First it was Agnetha in 1981, now it’s Benny in 2012 – at least 2 of the songs performed by both (Mössens julafton + Nu tändas tusen juleljus). And of course they both include a Christmas medley (potpurri). 🙂

  • Xmas is coming and I’m loving this tracklist. “Nu tändas tusen juleljus” is one of my most favourite Xmas songs.

  • Can anyone translate the titles for me?

  • I am enjoying the new album. It would be great to have English lyrics for ‘Tomten …’, ‘Vinterhamn’ and ‘Nu tändas tusen juleljus’. Can anyone oblige?


  • For a beautiful clip of Helen Sjoholm singing “Vinterhamn” (with composer Benny Andersson at the piano), go to:

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