Benny Andersson and Helen Sjöholm in Christmas celebration

A screenshot from SVT: Helen Sjöholm and the Uppsala Cathedral Choir

Benny Andersson and Helen Sjöholm, along with fellow BAO musicians Göran Arnberg and Olle Moreaus appeared alongside the Uppsala Cathedral Choir and Stockholm Brass Orchestra in this year’s Lucia day celebration, which took place in Uppsala Cathedral on 13 December.

During the traditional candle-lit service, which was broadcast by SVT, the congregation was treated to two songs from BAO’s recently released CD of Christmas songs, Tomten har åkt hem, the beautiful new Benny and Björn’s collaboration Vinterhamn and Nu tändas tusen juleljus.

Helen performing Vinterhamn from the new BAO CD Tomten har åkt hem

Also featured in the performance was the choral section of En skrift i snön (with lyrics by Kristina Lugn) taken from Benny’s eleven minute long original, which was written for and unveiled at the Piteå Organ Festival in October.

You can view the three tracks by following the links below.

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