‘En skrift i snön’ broadcast in full, now also with link to Dancing Queen and full show

A documentary charting the story of the new super organ in Piteå, which Benny helped to inaugurate back in October last year, has been broadcast in Sweden.

Benny Andersson och orgeln med 9000 pipor (Benny Andersson and the organ with 9000 pipes) was shown on SVT2 and is available on SVT Play in Sweden only. A segment of the broadcast featuring the specially composed piece of music En skrift i snön in full has been uploaded to YouTube (see link below).

Performing at the Piteå Acusticum
Performing at the Piteå Acusticum

En skrift i snön (Music: Benny Andersson, Lyrics: Kristina Lugn)

Det blåser på månen
En blåklocka slår
För allt det som är
Som inget vill vara
Jag vandrar i vinden
Ett tidevarv går
Sen är allt det som skrämt mig
Inbillning bara

En Karlavagn landar hemmavid
Nu seglar jag bort med min vän
På höga moln av frid
Och evig ro
En liten stund
Och natten som väntar lär oss att drömma
Den saga som skrev oss
Den skrevs av en vän
En skrift i snön
Om hjärtas hem

Om jag vore vacker
Och gjorde dig glad
Om jag vore den som jag ville vara
Då är jag en älskling
På finpromenad
Och ett skyfall av tårar där stjärnor fara
Ett klockspel i mörkren
Hör du det
Jag följer dess ton överallt
Till bråddjup ensamhet
Mitt hus och hem
I nattens famn
Och näcken som spelar fast ingen dansar
En främmande fågel
Vem läser mitt brev
Svarta bläck ögon blå och kriser och kransar

En Karlavagn landar hemmavid
Nu seglar jag bort med min vän
På höga moln av frid
Mitt hus och hem
I nattens famn
Och näcken som spelar fast ingen dansar
En främmande fågel
Vem läser mitt brev
En skrift i snön
Om hjärtats hem

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  • Stunning piece!
    Is it my imagination or is that a nod to ‘Wedding’ by the Hep Stars at about the 6.13 mark on the YouTube clip?!

  • You can see the whole broadcast in SVT play until 18 February. A very interesting programme not only about Benny Andersson but also about this fantastic organ and how they planned and built it and a lot about the capacity of this organ!!
    If it can only be seen Sweden then it is very unfortunate!
    I was there and it was a fantastic evening. Not all music which was played during the concert is broadcasted though.

  • Also Benny Andersson playing Dancing Queen together with the organ is uploaded on You Tube:


  • Oooh
    Just press play and youtube plays… it.

    i am to the side of my laptop, paying the usual loose attention as when I go thru my daily contacts and web screening. Then PLAY and Benny is at his piano playing: playful, rich and varied,notes that come to build a distinctive melody from the start, not unlike his interpretation at the Music Hall of Fame, getting the then chosen hymn to new tonal delicacies.
    This time. -as the music layers unfold and musicians come to add their instruments- I realize we are in to witness a full blown use of timbres an orchestra to carry us in a journey. This is not a short song, or sorts and when the last note is over and the white lights are on… the applause and sense that it has finished, leave me at an odd place.

    Yes, thank you Benny, Orsa and all at Pitea, nonetheless, the beauty of the voices, the arresting choral passages and the flow of it all, leave me wanting to be there, or to play it at my hifi from a clean source.
    Once the feelings subsides, I welcome the opportunity to get to know this from just a couple of clicks pressed at a remote place somewhere on the other side of this planet.
    i am happy and relaxed. Mentally write a new line at the list of future music to look for and add to my special dear files.

  • The full show (program), is now up on YouTube! 🙂


  • Hi there,

    well, it’s a nice piece of music … but partly nothing new actually. A huge part and one of the main themes are taken from an outtake of Kristina Fran Duvemala. You can hear it in the documentary from “Kristina”. It is the part where Benny and Björn sing together “Svenska flickor knullar bra…” 🙂 you hear the theme throughout the whole piece!


  • Benny Anderssons way of composing is one he has always stripped bare and revealed that it is just hard work until that music comes. Melody lines float around for years until they find ‘their’ place in a completed song. ‘Just Like That’ is a good example, wandering through recording sessions with ABBA, Elaine Paige, Tommy Körberg, Gemini -and finally becoming the beautiful ‘Glöm Mig Om Du Kan’. The 1977 live number ‘I Am an A’ gave its best pieces to the ABBA demo ‘Free as a Bumble Bee’ and again becoming ‘I Know Him So Well’.
    This rhapsody is beautiful and playful; I hear small jingles from ‘Tomten Har Gått Hem’, and what humor to put in snippets from Hep Stars ‘Wedding’!
    Upon listening to Benny playing half of ‘Wedding’ in the documentary, I wonder how this could have been an ‘Intermezzo no 2’ in an instrumental version? There arr bridges and melody lines in ABBA songs which are very fitting for organ: obviously the ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ chorus, the synth in ‘Me & I’ and the synth horn solo fanfare in ‘The Visitors’ 🙂

    Moving lyrics by Kristina Lugn: this woman has a beautiful soul 🙂

  • Well I guess Benny is entitled to do what he wants with his music! 🙂
    The choir section is beautiful!

  • A marvellous composition with a choir-piece that you just have to sing!
    The organ must be visited and sung with!

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