‘Hjälp sökes’ CD on its way and more new music in the offing

Get ready for 'Hjälp sökes' on CD - coming soon!
‘Hjälp sökes’ on CD – coming soon!

Benny Andersson has confirmed that all eight songs, with lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus, together with incidental tracks from the new musical Hjälp sökes will be released on CD, with vocals by Sofia Pekkari, Johan Ulveson and Magnus Roosman.

Hjälp sökes which features ballads, including Bortom Sol och Måne (Beyond The Sun And Moon), alongside Russian-type marching music, pop, rock and circus-style pieces, has received fantastic reviews following its premiere at Stockholm’s Orionteatern on 8 February.

“Now the premiere is over we are recording the whole thing.” Benny told Aftonbladet. “It will take a few weeks.”

Benny told icethesite: “If all goes well, I hope that the CD will be available in May.” (UPDATE: 21 April 2013 – CD release delayed)

However, the CD is not the only place we may hear the new music, Hjälp sökes director and Benny Anderssons Orkester member, Lars Rudolfsson, has suggested that some of the tracks may be suitable for BAO to play.

Benny agrees that it would indeed be fun and adds that he is also eager to write a few more new numbers for his band to perform during BAO’s summer tour which commences in Gothenburg on 18 July.

Meanwhile, Björn Ulvaeus has spoken of his involvement with ABBA The Museum, which opens to the public on 7 May: “The Swedish Music Hall of Fame occupies all my time now, and oh, oh, oh what a great deal of time that is!”, said Björn. “But it’s fun. I think it will be very good. A major attraction in Stockholm.” he added.

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  • Great news! and that it will be released ”together with incidental tracks ” is really remarkable news,
    I truly welcome this music and hope the inclusive concept transcribes -at some appropriate future- to where…. there is no need to mention 😀

  • The wonderful Bottom Sol Och Måne is now available on Spotify!

  • Well, Edward. She is not singing about anyone’s Bottom! 😉
    Even mr. “Ice” has some misspellings above (Borton, Hjålp).

    Correct name: Bortom sol och måne

  • Thanks Niclas! Corrected.

  • Bortom sol och måne, on YouTube:

  • Thanks Niclas, it must have been the spelling correction on my phone not recognizing it was Swedish :s

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