Björn on BBC One’s Breakfast Show (Updated with statement re. Boston Marathon)

Björn talks up the ABBA Museum on the BBC

ABBA The Museum promotion has Björn ‘on tour’!

Ahead of the opening of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm on 7 May, Björn Ulvaeus has made a promotional visit to the UK and appeared on this morning’s Breakfast Show on BBC One.

As well as his involvement with the museum, Björn also spoke of his former ABBA band-mates, including Agnetha’s new album and forthcoming trip to London, but despite confirming that he is still in regular contact with them all, when asked the inevitable question – “will they ever perform together again?” – he gave the inevitable answer…

“No we wouldn’t,” he said. “To wheel us in, four geriatrics on stage, we would have to have very strong motivation. We would have to have something fantastic musically to present to the world again, which sadly we do not.”

However, although, it is almost 40 years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton with Waterloo, Björn will once again have a song performed at the contest, which this year takes place in Malmö, Sweden.

Together with Benny Andersson, his song writing partner since 1966, he has co-written a unique, contemporary piece of music for the final of the 2013 Eurovision with top-selling artist Avicii. Björn said that the track We Write the Story, will feature in the song competition’s final on 18 May but not as a Eurovision entry of course. “It is like an opening number, a slightly majestic European anthem which will be sung by a large choir and all the song contest participants,” he explained.

In recent weeks, Bjorn has visited Berlin, Cannes, and Helsinki, and after London is expected to travel to Russia promoting the ABBA Museum.

UPDATE 2030 April 16, 2013:

Björn issued the following statement via the ABBA The Museum Facebook page:

This morning on BBC Breakfast I let my tongue slip with terrible result. After a split second I understood that what I had said could be interpreted as a joke about the horrendous catastrophe that happened in the US today. I feel very, very bad about it, I am truly sorry and I hope that everybody understands that it was an unbelievably stupid slip of the tongue. As everyone else I feel sorrow about what’s happened and deep compassion with the victims of this atrocity.

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3 Comments on "Björn on BBC One’s Breakfast Show (Updated with statement re. Boston Marathon)"

  • Being perfect isn’t a sign of classiness. Owning up to your imperfections is.

  • Who are these idiot interviewers? “Bjorn, what are the top 2 best-selling albums of all time?”!!!! THEY said it, not him! “How OLD are you?”???!!!!! (subtext: “You are VERY OLD!!!!”) Poor Bjorn. He had every right to slap them.

  • Absolutely agree. Most interviewers appear to have no knowledge at all of the vast catalogue of music and theatre that Bjorn and particularly Benny have produced since the days of ABBA. Presenters seem to focus on ABBA alone and are often inane, ignorant of fact and plain disespectful. In this interview on BBC Bjorn stated that the music composed for the opening of Eurovision 2013 was a “majestic” piece with a choir. Clearly not a pop song. Yet the presenter responded with “I can hear it now. I’m already humming the melody in my head”. Bjorn looked at the guy clearly thinking have you heard anything I’ve said. On Swedish television recently Agnetha was subjected to questions about conflict between her and Frida as well as her past love life. Guys these are fascinating people. How about more intelligent questions that demonstrate some research has been done and that give these amazing people the respect they deserve ?

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