‘We Write the Story’ – new Benny and Björn song for Eurovision 2013 in Malmö

The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest final will feature an anthem written by Benny, Björn and Avicii
An anthem produced as a collaboration between Benny, Björn and Avicii to feature in Eurovision final

“We are extremely delighted to announce that Benny, Björn and Avicii has accepted to compose a unique piece of music for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest,” said the Executive Producer, Martin Österdahl.

The idea of an “Eurovision Anthem” for Malmö 2013 was there from the beginning of the planning of this year’s contest. From the start, Benny, Björn and Avicii were on the very top of the list of musicians that SVT wished to collaborate with.

“Martin Österdahl and Show Producer Christer Björkman presented us beautifully with SVT’s vision for the contest. This led us on to the assignment to collaborate with Avicii on a piece on mutual understanding and fellowship. It’s a lot of fun and very inspiring,” say Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

“To experience the union of two of Sweden’s biggest musical exports and the collaboration between generations is extremely exciting,” says Ash, Executive Producer of Avicii.

We Write the Story will be performed for the first time during the final on 18 May.

Aviici, whose real name is Tim Bergling was born in Stockholm in 1989. He began remixing and producing tracks in his bedroom at the age of 18. His friends convinced him to put his work on various music blogs online, which led to him gaining a huge following and led to support from legendary DJ and Producer Tiësto. He has scored worldwide hit singles like Bromance and My Feelings For You and achieved hit remixes of Tiësto, Robyn, David Guetta, and Bob Sinclar.

The song will feature in the DVD of the contest which is released in June.

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  • I did have a spooky feeling something Abba-ish would happen this year…likely to be the last chance for a Swedish ESC event when all are still active. Up til now I had dreamed a performance from Agnetha would be part of the interval, but will accept this! Not exactly “low key” though is it? I mean, to have B&B be part of Eurovision again. Abba is bound to be asked about in this context and contest!

  • Great that Benny and Bjorn will be involved with Eurovision this year ,Iv always been a fan of the contest and have never missed watching it it my whole life, seeing the ABBA Eurovision medallion at ABBA world was a great treat.
    This years the standard is very high. Among my favarouts are the Netherlands San mareno, Georgia, Croatia Spain and Greece and I think France will do better than expected , the Uk entry this years is very good as it was last year.The Uk must be in with a chance this years.

  • Interesting turn of events for 2013:

    Talking from my extensive experience at the Dance area, I´d like to point out that in that context Avicii’s music is part of the outcome of a generation of producers that know many tricks of what can be done in terms of articulations (changes, merges,shifts, etc) and that characterize themselves by being able to keep the rather long, serial, obstinato aspects of Trance, while incorporating jazzy musical touches and sounds more related to the House scene that makes their tracks fit for clubs more attune with luxury/fashion rather than the youth, experimental side of Dance music seen at outdoor festivals, trendsetter clubs or even Design/Arty scenes whom choose quite more creative sides of Dance music than the mentioned producer generation.

    Of course it is all down to what will happen, and what are the choices taken on the way. If I could say something from my personal choice, I would ask Avicii for his skill on articulations, brakes and layering or structuring.
    I would not let him bring in much harmonic elements into the mix. There are plenty of marvelous tunes that keep the harmonic spirit of music composed from different sources; traditional, folk, Vangelis, and a long etc and all done without the need to add those rather exogenous musical clichés some of those Producers use as standards of the mentioned scene.

    In sum it may turn out to be modern, enjoyable, beautiful and even timeless
    Have fun!.

  • Why not…? Agnetha and Frida a sing this song…. Greatest.

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