ABBA The Museum is open! (Updated with Photo Gallery)

ABBA The Museum logoThere’ll be more details to follow but it’s hard to beat this official video for a flavour of the opening ceremony last night of ABBA The Museum on the Stockholm island of Djurgården. (UPDATE 08 May 2013: Now on-the-spot images added!)

Attending the ceremony were various luminaries of Swedish society and plenty of music acts too. Included among the guests were Björn, Benny and Frida of course, (Agnetha is in London promoting her new album A) and Micke B Tretow, Görel Hanser, Peter and Nanne Grönvall, Ludvig Andersson, this year’s Swedish Eurovision entrant Robin Stjernberg, Sarah Dawn Finer, Svenne & Lotte, Carola, Ludvig Andersson, Tommy Körberg, Owe Sandström and Gunilla Backman to name just some!


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  • Hej all…having just watched the video clip of the opening of the new Abba meseum,in Stockholm,what can I say.
    Looks a fantastic monument to one of the worlds best ever groups and to have Frida, Benny and Bjorn there too,must have been a great day in Stockholm.
    Would have been great to have had Agnetha there too, but I believe she`s in London,promoting her album A. I suppose we can excuse her for doing that,incidentally,if Agnetha reads this, her single `when you love someone` is getting a good bit of air time here in North East England,where I live,both on `Smooth Radio`,95.4….and on `Radio Newcastle 95.4` for anyone who can pick it up. Have to say Agnetha`s voice sounds just as `angelic` as she always wouldn’t think she was her age,to hear her on air.
    Wish I could have been in Stockholm to see the opening,but I was in bed after a heavy shift at work…so I’ll just say…Good luck to all Abba members with it, I hope it does you all proud, one day I’ll get to Stockholm to see it.

    Gud valsigne alla fyra av er,och tacka er alla for musiken.

    Ses senare, John och Anna fran Storbritannien.

  • Very nice pictures, can’t wait to go to Stockholm and visit The Museum myself.
    Hopefully some time this summer!

    Great to see Michael B. again!
    Looks like he is really enjoying himself and he looks right at home behind that mixing desk.

  • I was there for the preview on the 3rd May,it was wonderful!

  • Just saw ‘for second time- the video above summarizing the opening event, and…
    And kept me still and processing emotions, memories and ideas for a while, up to the point of moving me to write this, that i don’t know if it will be Ok to post…

    From the building and museum experience probably it would be better commented elsewhere by people actually visiting. From what all this evokes at a distance… is firstly the emotion of seeing all that ABBA-related people (and pbbly Swedish music people too) gathering now, this 2013 as fruit and honor of a distant time when something or better said; many things “glued” in order to create that strong and ongoing impact.
    in our country we are beginning to realize that we tend to honor and thank people when they are gone, and so, important closure actions, and thus important lessons and forward reaching opportunities might be lost, together with the emotional completion that could otherwise be achieved.

    Hence, in this perspective all this comes as sign of a somehow mature society.

    That said, and judging by the actual event musical presentations shown in the clip, there is an intent of bridging the modern? sounds with the talents that brought it all there and some interesting acts, all merged into an emotional event.
    Nowadays events do borrow from theater and other scenic arts, In this sense no doubt Bjorn was wise on touching us all with the extended instrumental intro (40 secs) and a verse and a single chorus of “Thank You for the Music” augmented by the timed beautiful and 3D wise fireworks, for the events finale.

    At the end, it does not feel like and end, but a signpost. New projects and new musicians and different arts will come and team out to shape the future.

    And I could stop here, However, that delicate bridge between were and will be remains to be noted, I guess… because ABBA was precisely one of the best bridge-makers in that respect.
    And Imho this merge is seldom up to par at many attempts, many times failing by the use of cliches rather than novel interactions:
    Of course, this always morphing field is hard to nail precisely when compared with standards like ABBA, but one might try, Tommy Korberg, rich voice against typical Synth lines akin to Ferry Corsten (a Dutch DJ) riffs made popular on the early 00’s (and too timbraly lacklustre) sound off mark, specially when Swedish Electronic talent Atmos demonstrated even earlier that Modern could sound complex and rich, spatially and texturally, listen to his 1999 EP “Klein Aber Doctor” for a very good example on this..

    ANd so, this meeting point does look into the future as well. It sets a landmark and definitely propels many -me included- into doing our part to build great touching experiences.
    Thank you indeed.

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