Björn Ulvaeus makes rare stage appearance

A rare sight: Björn performing in public – Photo: Facebook VisFestivalen i Västervik
A rare sight: Björn performing in public – Photo: Facebook VisFestivalen i Västervik

Visfestivalen in Västervik was the setting for an unexpected event yesterday when Björn Ulvaeus performed on stage for the first time in many years. He was in Västervik to pay tribute to his former Hootenanny Singers bandmate Hansi Schwarz who died in January this year.

In front of a cheering crowd, Björn grabbed his guitar and joined Tony Roth (also an original member of the Hootenanny Singers) and played a few songs.

Björn, Hansi Schwarz, Tony Roth and Johan Karlberg formed the Hootenanny Singers in 1961.

Calle Åstrand, son of Hansi Schwarz reflected afterwards on the increasingly rare sight of Björn performing in public and said “it was great that he and Tony Roth wanted to do it.”

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  • First Agnetha and now Björn? I’m starting to get a very big grin…

  • C’mon…..surely SOMEONE out there had an iPhone and has a recording of this performance??

  • bjorn im sorry for the loss of your friend from the hootananny singers chin up xo

  • The young, tenor harmony voice might be long gone….but sometimes the tribute being given on stage means more than anything else. I think Bjorn is a class act!

  • Benny is still performing.
    Agnetha just released an album (a GREAT album).
    Bjorn actually performed in public, sing and playing his guitar.
    Frida…you’re next, babe. 🙂

  • Björn performing a snippet of ‘Omkring Tiggarn…’:

    And Frida? It is rumoured she is recording a christmas song together with ‘fellow’ norwegian Morten Harket of A-Ha fame…

  • @ Howie

    It has appeared on another website that Frida has recorded a duet with Morten Harket of A-ha. 😉

  • Now….if we could only get all of them in one place at the same time….. 🙂

  • @ Howie.
    The four of them weren´t even in the studio at the same time, for the most part during the last couple of years.
    So, no need to gather all of of them. Just for Björn & Benny the compose and record a backingtrack and convince Frida and Agnertha to do their bit in the studio seperatly…
    Easypeezy…. NOT

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