‘Hjälp sökes’ CD release (Updated with tracklist)

Originally expected earlier this year, the 'Hjälp sökes' CD will be released in September
Originally expected earlier this year, the ‘Hjälp sökes’ CD will now be released in September

The wait is nearly over…the Swedish musical by Kristina Lugn, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Lars Rudolfsson called Hjälp sökes (‘Help Wanted’ in English) is due for release on CD in September. Some sources say 4 September and some say mid-September.

Hjälp sökes with music by Benny Andersson and lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus features a cast of four people (played by Johan Ulveson, Sofia Pekkari, Magnus Roosmann and  Suzanne Berdino), plus two giant cows, a horse, two pigs, one goat, three dogs and four geese!

The show opened at Stockholm’s Orionteatern on 8 February and was well received by both the critics and the public.

Benny has told icethesite that in May 2013 the full production at Orionteatern was recorded for Swedish television but so far there is no transmission date.

A sample of a track from the musical, called Bortom sol och måne performed by Sofia Pekkari was posted to Benny’s Mono Music website just before the musical’s premiere.

'Svarta Silhuetter' - the single
The digital-only single

Another track performed by Sofia Pekkari, Svarta silhuetter, has been issued as a digital-only single ahead of the album’s release.

Both Bortom sol och måne and Svarta silhuetter were recently performed live by Benny’s band Benny Anderssons Orkester on their Swedish Summer tour. Vocal duties on both tracks were performed by Helen Sjöholm.

Benny and the cast of Hjälp sökes will perform two tracks from the musical (Svarta silhuetter and Själv är baste dräng) on the programme Moraeus med mera on SVT1 on Sunday 8 September.

‘Hjälp sökes’ tracklist

Ouvertyr (04:36) Orkestern
Bortom sol och måne (02:40) Sofia Pekkari
Själv är bäste dräng (03:24) Johan Ulveson & Magnus Roosmann
Svarta silhuetter (04:45) Sofia
Vågar jag älska dig (03:32) Magnus
Stackars Axels sång (02:55) Sofia, Johan & Magnus
Den jag ville vara (05:57) Sofia
Som en hägring (04:57) Johan & Magnus
Ro hit en dyckert (03:12) Sofia, Johan & Magnus
Final (12:43) Orkestern, Sofia, Johan & Magnus


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