Björn’s Slottsholmen plans approved

Slottsholmen - a unique and beautiful location in Västervik
Slottsholmen – a unique and beautiful location in Västervik will now be redeveloped, for sure.

After much wrangling between competing factions and considerable heated debate, ‘New Slottsholmen’ can now be built.

“I am extremely relieved. Honestly, I hadn’t dared to believe it,” said a delighted Björn Ulvaeus to Västerviks Tidningen (VT).

The news spread like wildfire via social media: The Land and Environmental Court, the Supreme Court in this instance, decided not to give leave to appeal. The case can no longer be halted and even the staunchest opponents do not get further hearings for their objections and cannot proceed.

“My immediate feeling was joy. It has been tough, and we have had to put our plans on the back burner for a while. But now, we hope to be able to get started in earnest in the new year,” said Ulvaeus.

Councillor Harald Hjalmarsson confirmed the news to VT. There was no mistaking his pleasure. “Finally!” he exclaimed. “Our project team can get ready to get to work,” he continued.

With the final decision now having been made, there are no longer any obstacles to demolishing the existing building. The County Board was supported in their explanatory statement that the two people who appealed vociferously live more than 50 metres from the area. According to the Court, they revealed nothing new that indicates that they would have had further right to appeal against the decision and derail the plan.

Björn Ulvaeus was still prepared to take on the battle after the last appeal was heard and told VT that he was prepared for it to take a long time, even though he was not sure what direction it would go in. There was an obvious risk that he would pull out of the whole project, said the media outlet.

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