Waterloo CD – Deluxe Edition tracklist

Waterloo Deluxe Edition is released on 7 April, 2014
Waterloo Deluxe Edition is released on 7 April, 2014

The 40th Anniversary of ABBA’s Eurovision win in Brighton looms closer and along with it comes a brand new version of the Waterloo album. On this Waterloo Deluxe Edition the original album has been expanded with 8 bonus tracks, plus a DVD of rare and previously unreleased television material. The package also includes a 20-page illustrated booklet by ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm featuring an extensive essay on the making of the album, with brand new insights from Björn and Benny.

Waterloo Deluxe Edition will be released on 7 April.


The original tapes!
The original tapes!


Disc 01, CD:

  1. Waterloo
  2. Sitting In The Palmtree
  3. King Kong Song
  4. Hasta Mañana
  5. My Mama Said
  6. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
  7. Honey, Honey
  8. Watch Out
  9. What About Livingstone
  10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
  11. Suzy-Hang-Around

Bonus tracks:

12. Ring Ring (US Remix 1974) 13. Waterloo (Swedish Version) 14. Honey, Honey (Swedish Version) 15. Waterloo (German Version) 16. Hasta Mañana (Spanish Version) 17. Waterloo (French Version) 18. Ring Ring (1974 Remix, Single Version) 19. Waterloo (Alternate mix)

Disc 02, DVD:

  1. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest performance I, BBC)
  2. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance I, SVT)
  3. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance II, SVT)
  4. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest preview performance, SVT)
  5. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, performance II, BBC)
  6. Interview with Frida and Stig after the Eurovision victory (Rapport, SVT)
  7. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance I, BBC)
  8. Honey, Honey (Disco, ZDF)
  9. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance II, BBC)
  10. Honey, Honey (Spotlight, ORF)
  11. Waterloo (German version) (Musik aus Studio B, NDR)
  12. Honey, Honey (Ein Kessel Buntes, Fernsehen der DDR)
  13. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance III, BBC)
  14.  International Sleeve Gallery
The iconic Waterloo costumes (on display at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm)
The iconic Waterloo costumes (on display at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm)

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  • I have to have this edition. I wonder how many know that it was Agnetha who saved Hasta Mañana when ABBA were about to give up on it.

  • Thankyou Icethesite for your humungous contribution towards keeping die hard ABBA fans like me updated with latest ABBA news. I can’t thank you enough. Its a pleasure to visit this site on a regular basis to catch up. thank you so much

  • I agree entirely with Cynthia’s comments above. Happy New year to you.

  • Great stuff, Ice.

    Benny is so down to earth.

    So what is an Abba fan to do in 2014? Are the hotels booked up in Brighton for the 40th anniversary weekend? I doubt anything will happen there.

    5 April is a Sunday so no Mamma Mia performance. I have hedged my bets that two or three of the group will come to one of the performances either side. So I have booked 6 April! No doubt I will have booked the wrong performance…

    Just Like That? It’s been taken off all the videos on Youtube. One wishes it’s because they are polishing it up ready to release in the state or is it gone forever.

    I’ll be making a trip to Stockholm in the summer and look forward to my Photobook in just 2.5 months’ time.

    Have a great year, everyone.

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