CHESS in Concert – 30th anniversary performances announced for July 2014

It is 30 years since CHESS was first released as a concept album in 1984 and to mark the anniversary a special jubilee concert version of the Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Tim Rice musical will take place on 4 & 5 July 2014.

Chess-600-x-600The concerts will be staged in Dalhallaa 4000 seat amphitheatre near Rättvik in central Sweden, which boasts acoustic qualities comparable to the best outdoor stages in Europe.

An impressive cast has been assembled for the concerts including Gunilla Backman (Florence), Sarah Dawn Finer (Svetlana), Anders Ekborg (The American), Philip Jalmelid (The Russian) and Johan Schinkler (Molokov).

The music will be performed by the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, backed by a 50 strong choir, conducted by Anders Eljas.

Leif Henriksson, C.E.O. of the production company Blixten & Co., is excited at having the opportunity to bring CHESS to one of Sweden’s most beautiful theatres: “I have loved this music ever since I first heard it in 1984,” he said. “It’ll be great fun to stage it at Dalhalla.”

Tickets for the two unique performances will be made available for public release at 10am (C.E.T.) on Monday 24 March 2014. However, if you have purchased tickets from Blixten & Co. before and are a member of their loyalty scheme there is an opportunity to pre-book tickets now.

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  • Presumably this will be The Royal Albert Hall version ,
    In Swedish,
    I hope there will be a DVD

  • Any plans to release a 30th anniversary ed. of the concept album?

  • I hope this gets recorded on DVD (or BD) and CD.

  • As long as Benny is not playing his GX-1 live I’m not much interested.

  • Still hope for a european HD broadcast of the RAH show.

  • This same line-up will tour Sweden in 2015 with Anders Glenmark instead of Anders Ekborg as the American.

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