Renowned authors go head-to-head to write lyrics for new BAO song

SVT’s literary magazine programme Babel has gathered together a battery of established writers, including Jan Guillou , Björn Ranelid , Susanna Alakoski , Helena von Zweigbergk, Camilla Läckberg and Caitlin Moran, who will compete against each other in a televised battle to write the lyrics for a specially composed song by Benny Andersson.

BAO will perform the winning song
BAO will perform the winning song

However, despite their previous literary success, several of the authors have admitted to struggling and have said that now, when it comes to music, their usual self-confidence is faltering.

“It is clear that it is difficult for everyone involved,” said Björn Ranelid. “I would never have believed that I am capable of doing something like this. I have no expectations at all, but I am doing it because it’s fun,” he explained.

Susanna Alakoski agreed. “Benny Andersson is like the Dalai Lama to me. It is therefore super freaky, but also a great deal of fun,” she said.

And Jan Guillou confessed that he is tearing his hair out. “It’s all about coming up with the formula. How do you go about that?” he said. “What is the key? Should I use rhyme, or what is the answer?”

The song will be performed live by Benny Andersson’s Orchestra with those all-important winning lyrics sung by Helen Sjöholm, at the end of the programme’s series, and it is clear that Babel has high expectations of the competitors.

“Absolutely,” said Marie Nyreröd, Project Manager at SVT Culture. “I’m quite sure that it is their goal to beat Melodifestivalen in producing the best hit song.”

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