‘Cirkeln’ – the movie and the music!

Last weekend saw the release of the first trailer for Cirkeln, Benny and Ludvig Andersson’s RMV film adaptation of Sara B Elfgren and Mats Strandberg’s best-selling novel of the same name.

Although just 30 seconds long, the ‘teaser’ provides an early insight as to how the finished film will look and sound when it is released next year.

Watch the Cirkeln trailer

Directed by Levin Akin and produced by Benny, Ludvig and Cecilia Norman Mardell, Cirkeln, which features a principle cast of previously unknown actors, was shot on location in the Swedish towns of Södertälje and Grängesberg, between March and July 2014. Special effects were added in a Stockholm studio. However, despite the film being about magic and the supernatural, Benny has told icethesite that the use of computer wizardry was kept to a minimum:

“It is not a Hollywood budget, so we used special effects with great care when we felt they were needed and only if they looked really good,” he said.

Contrary to the initial idea of co-writing Cirkeln’s score with Ludvig or a young Swedish pop band, Benny now says that he will probably compose all of the music himself.

We asked the question everyone wants to know i.e. will a soundtrack to the movie be released? “Yes, if it is substantial enough,” replied Benny.

Cirkeln's cast of 'otherworldy children': Linnéa, Vanessa, Anna-Karin, Rebecka, Minoo and Ida
Cirkeln’s ‘otherworldy children’: Linnéa, Vanessa, Anna-Karin, Rebecka, Minoo and Ida. Photo: Niklas Alexandersson

Costing around SEK 40 million to produce (US$ 6 million, £4.5 million), Benny and Ludvig are very aware that they are taking a huge financial risk, but say that RMV chose to fund the film themselves in order to maintain full creative freedom rather than be governed by budgets and a calculator.

Cirkeln is a story about reality and magic, loneliness and community, about being young and saving the world. It was important that we were able to do Sara and Mats’ wonderful book the justice it deserves,” Ludvig explained.

The Swedish Film Institute has recently backed RMV with a grant of SEK 9 million and Benny is delighted: “Most important is the fact that someone apart from ourselves believes in the project. And then of course there is the money,” he said.

Although post production work won’t commence in earnest until the autumn, tomorrow is a big day for the film’s producers: “We get to take a look at the first ‘rough cut’,” Benny told us. “It will be exciting!”

A full length trailer will be released later this year and the movie itself premieres in Stockholm on 18 February 2015 before being rolled out across other Scandinavian territories including Norway and Finland. As yet there are no plans for a wider release, however Benny is optimistic about the film’s prospects:

“We will try our best to convince every country in the world to release The Circle,” he said. “It is going to be good!”

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