CHESS in Concert to tour arenas in Sweden

The tour kicks off on 10 April 2015
The tour kicks off on 10 April 2015

A concert version of the musical CHESS written by Benny Andersson, Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus will be taken on a major arena tour of Sweden next year.

The tour kicks off on 10 April at Globen in Stockholm, and then moves on to Karlstad, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö, Västerås, Växjö and Linköping.

The original CHESS conductor and arranger Anders Eljas will once again lead the cast, ensemble, choir and orchestra.

Anders said: “Chess is a work that has meant so much to me, it will always be close to my heart. Every time we meet, Björn, Benny and I, we can always find something that requires a new twist, a new interpretation, a new tone. Everything can always be a little better.”

Gunilla Backman will play the part of Florence, Philip Jalmelid is to play The Russian, Svetlana is to be played by Sarah Dawn Finer, Anders Glenmark will perform The American, and Molokov is to be played by Johan Schinkler.

The music is performed by the Stockholm Concert Orchestra supported by the Stockholms Musikgymnasiums Kammarkör.

Most of the 2015 concert cast are made up of the Dalhalla CHESS in Concert cast, with the exception of Anders Glenmark who plays The American this time around instead of Anders Ekborg. Anders Glenmark is of course, no stranger to CHESS having played The American in the concerts of the 1990s as well as featuring on the Original Concept Album.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday 5 December 2014).

Tour dates:

  • 10 April – Stockholm, Globen at 19:30
  • 11 April – Karlstad, Löfbergs Arena at 19:30
  • 17 April – Göteborg, Scandinavium at 19:30
  • 18 April – Helsingborg, Helsingsborg Arena at 19:30
  • 19 April – Malmö, Malmö Arena at 15:00
  • 24 April – Västerås, ABB Arena at 19:30
  • 25 April – Växjö, Vida Arena at 19:30
  • 26 April – Linköping, Saab Arena at 18:00

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  • Got a pre-booking email from Blixten and booked my Stockholm tickets just now – right near the front. V excited!!!

  • Does anyone know if it’s in Swedish or English? I may have to go either way.

  • Anyone willing/able to go to the Gothenburg/Goteborg performance might like to know that ‘Kristina’ is running in the city at the time, with a performance on the previous evening (16 April). I’ve booked for both: might as well, since I’m paying for a flight from the UK anyway! You can get a flight from the UK with 3 nights basic hotel/B&B (Bed & Breakfast, not Benny & Bjorn!) for around £250.

    Incidentally, in answer to Douglas Wilson’s question, the Blixten website says ‘Samtliga texter framförs på engelska’, which, I understand, means the Chess concert is in English.

  • Thanks, Neil. I’m trying to sort out if we can do Malmö and Göteborg in one trip too.

  • Just got the deluxe addition of the original concept album,
    Nice to replace the worn out cassettes I got in 1985,

    The Documentary which I have never seen before is very VERY Interesting , awash with superb insights , orchestrations, and Benny Anderson piano solos along with interviews with the cast .
    It should be screened on BBC4,along with Chess in concert ,

    The bonus tracks are also incredibly interesting especially the press conference,
    And the instrumental of the Anthem is simply beautiful.

    Does it still sound analogue? Probably not , but the shear depth of the musical arrangements is such that this is irrelevant, the clarity and detail just adds to the fervour of the music.

  • The Chess Tour Wiil come to Paris ? on 1984 it was at the Salle Pleyel.

  • Saw ‘Chess in Concert’ last night in Gothenburg (having seen ‘Kristina’ the previous night in the same city!). In English but very different from the Albert Hall version. For example, no Walter de Courcy; and a different (maybe slightly confusing) running order. Narrative (in Swedish) by ‘Molokov’. Big news, though, was a ‘new’ song for Svetlana – “He’s a man, He’s a Child”. Actually an English version of “Han ar en Man, Han ar ett Barn”, from ‘Chess pa Svenska’. (In a nutshell, it says ‘He has been a pr*t but I and our son want him back)’. Not the best B&B song but it does add to the storyline. Anders Glenmark – familiar to B&B fans – was Freddie. Overacted, in my view – but went down well with the audience. Conducted by Anders Eljas – as was ‘Kristina’ the previous night. Live performances of Kristina and Chess in 24 hours: doesn’t come much better than that!

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