GöteborgsOperan ‘Kristina från Duvemåla’ trailer


  • Great memories of seeing it again last year. I still think there would be a market for a complete DVD of the Swedish version of this internationally. Might not be a huge one, but I wonder how many of the kompletta utgavan CD’s have been sold outside Sweden? I know several friends who I would never have thought of as fans have it.

  • As an American who saw the Carnegie Hall Concert and who is familair with the Swedish translation I’m convinced “Kristina” should be done as an opera in the same way Baz Lurhman’s “La Boheme” was brought to Broadway.

    Perform it in Swedish with subtitles.

    Unlike Luhrman’s “La Boheme” Benny has a built in audience, eager to storm a box office for almost anything he could put on a stage. Luhrman’s “La Boheme” ran for seven months but, again, it did not have the Andersson/Ulvaeus “brand”.

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