‘ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions’ to be updated, revised and expanded

Renowned ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm has announced plans to publish an updated, revised and expanded edition of his very first ABBA book, ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions.

The new edition is scheduled for release in 2016
The new edition is scheduled for release in 2016

Originally published in the autumn of 1994, in tandem with the Thank You For The Music box set, the groundbreaking book was the first to take a serious look at the group’s music. It included interviews with all four ABBA members, as well as the key people who worked with them in the recording studio and featured a foreword written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

The revised version will incorporate new information that has come to light since the book was first issued along with previously unpublished or long-forgotten facts and stories that Palm has unearthed during his ongoing research into ABBA and their music.

More pertinently, Benny, Björn and Polar Music International have authorised him to listen, to more unreleased music than was available in the early 1990s.

“Back then everything was analogue, whereas today, all the tapes have been transferred to a digital format, allowing for much easier access to the unreleased recordings and alternate mixes of ABBA’s classic hits,” Palm explained.

The inclusion of the new material together with relevant illustrations means that the revised edition of ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions will end up being close to 400 pages long compared to the 128 pages of the original version.

Carl Magnus Palm
Carl Magnus Palm

“I’m basically re-writing the book from the ground up,” Palm said.

However, this time he has decided to publish the book himself and hopes to finance the project with the aid of a month-long crowd-funding campaign, scheduled to start on 28 January 2015.

“I have chosen to self-publish in order to maintain control. I do not want to be beholden to a publisher’s requirements regarding design, deadlines and so on. I hope to be able to release it towards the end of 2016, but the date may change because I want the book to be the best I can possibly make it – that is my priority. In other words, I want to make a book for the committed reader, rather than the casual browser,” he said.

On Sunday 11 January 2015, Carl Magnus Palm will be interviewed about the forthcoming publication by UK’s Radio Verulam and on Saturday 7 February he will talk about the project at an event in London organised by the Facebook group ABBAtalk.

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  • Sounds a fantastic project, and I’m sure many other fans will want a copy of this when it’s released. Definitely worth waiting for.

  • Interesting to read that you are to self publish – risky.

    There are very few pop groups where a project such as this would be any real value above and beyond the author and a very small niche fan base. I think of only two -The Beatles and ABBA. To be in a position to manage a project such as this is unique and I wish you every success.

    To go from 120- odd pages to 400 is a gigantic undertaking – but there is no doubt in my mind this will be the ultimate ABBA bible for people, like myself, who really are fascinated with when, what and how four truly gifted people produced such heavenly, beautiful and intricate music that is as fresh today as it was 30+ years ago.

    I can’t wait to read it.


  • Can’t wait! Thanks to the first book I discovered that the day I met Benny & Bjorn at their studios, where they let me have a look around, was the day they were recording the piano for The Winner Takes it All – and I sat in reception at Polar for 15 mins listening! Obviously I didn’t realise it at the time, because none of us knew the song, but I did, of course think, that the music I listened to was brilliant!

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