Benny and Björn help launch the Stockholm Songwriting Camp

Björn Ulvaeus at the Songwriting Camp in Stockholm on 29 January
Björn Ulvaeus at the Songwriting Camp in Stockholm

Yesterday evening, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were at ABBA The Museum to welcome songwriters and music producers from around the world to the opening of the first ever Stockholm Songwriting Camp.

The event has been organised by Auddly (the web-based royalty distribution and copyright management company in which Björn is a partner), SKAP (Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), ABBA The Museum and the Stockholm Business Region (which promotes the city as a business and tourist destination).

During his opening speech, Niclas Molinder, CEO of Auddly explained that he had first come up with the idea of a songwriting camp a couple of years ago.

“I wanted to arrange a camp in a way in which as a songwriter I would have appreciated,” he said. “Then one day, Björn Ulvaeus and I were sitting drinking coffee together and I told him about my idea. And Björn said, “Hey, lets do it!”

“ABBA were one of the first big Swedish musical exports, and are still a model for music creators the world over. For that reason, Stockholm Songwriting Camp is being held at ABBA The Museum,” he explained.

Björn said that it was a pure joy to be standing in a room full of songwriters. “I don’t think I have ever done that before!” he said.

“I find the new way of songwriting so intriguing,” Björn continued. “And it is my hope that you will have a fun three days and that you will work day and night.”

Björn has arranged for the adjacent Melody Hotel to be reserved for the participant’s exclusive use throughout the event.

He said: “I know from experience that it can be inspiring for creativity to sometimes break from the usual and go somewhere where you can devote every waking moment to writing, undisturbed.”

Björn Ulvaeus welcomes the songwriters to the camp
Björn Ulvaeus welcomes the songwriters to the camp

Each of the 45 participants, were selected by a committee, consisting of representatives from Auddly, SKAP and the British copyright organisation PRS for Music Foundation, for their varying musical backgrounds and knowledge.

“Stockholm Songwriting Camp, offers participants an opportunity to write music together in new groups, in an inspiring environment. And with such a good line up of musical talent we are confident that several new hits will be created over the weekend,” said Niclas Molinder.

“The Swedes’ love of music is huge and some of the world’s best songwriters come from here. Stockholm Songwriting Camp is an awesome opportunity to create music together with exciting people from different backgrounds. When so many geniuses come together under the same roof, it cannot be anything but a success,” said one of the participants, Jacqueline ‘Mapei’ Cummings.

However, Benny offered the songwriters this advice:

“Everyone is talking about writing hits,” he said. “But I would suggest that you try to write good songs and if you are lucky they might become hits.

“In the music industry, everything always begins and ends with a good song.”

If the weekend is successful, Björn said that he hopes the camp will become a regular feature on the Stockholm calendar.

Benny and Björn with Niclas Molinder welcoming attendees to the Stockholm Songwriting Camp
Benny and Björn with Niclas Molinder formally introducing the Stockholm Songwriting Camp

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  • I think it’s a great idea and with Benny and Bjorn involved it will be a brilliant success.

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