“Hjälp sökes” – A work in progress

A new song has been added to the Danish production and…there may even be an English version staged one day!

In addition to the eight original tracks, Hjælp søkes, the Danish version of Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Kristina Lugn and Lars Rudolfsson’s musical comedy Hjälp sökes, now contains an extra song I større perspektiv (In A Wider Perspective), a duet performed by brothers Axel and Engelbrekt.

Jesper Asholt & Jesper Lohmann perform "I det større perspektiv"  Photo-Robin Skjoldborg
Jesper Asholt & Jesper Lohmann perform “I større perspektiv” Photo-Robin Skjoldborg

Benny and Björn penned the composition specially for the Copenhagen production at the request of Østre Gasværk Teater’s director Pia-Jette Hansen.

In a recent press release, Pia-Jette explained: “Reviews and audience comments showed that there was a big difference in how the show was received in Sweden compared to Denmark.

“In Stockholm the audience was not phased at the lack of music in the first 30 minutes of the show. Whereas here in Copenhagen, people didn’t understand why it took more than half an hour before the first song was played when they had bought a ticket for a musical.

“I would be a poor theatre director, if I did not listen and reflect,” she said. “But the fact that I persuaded Benny and Björn to write a brand new song for us is wildly exciting!”

Benny at the premiere of "Hjælp søges"
Benny at the premiere of “Hjælp søges”

However, Benny has told icethesite that he wasn’t immediately convinced at the need for another song.

“I did originally like it the way it was,” he said. “But, having said that, we were all perfectly happy to supply Pia-Jette with what she asked for.

I større perspektiv is actually composed from a mixture of music already included in the performance, which Björn has put lyrics to,” he revealed.

Benny also confirmed that Björn is currently working in collaboration with Kristina Lugn to translate the musical’s dialogue and lyrics in to English.

So does that mean that they are planning to bring Help Wanted to the UK?

“We shall have to wait and see…” Benny teased.

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  • I lost track is the version of the production in Danish or Swedish?

  • The Copenhagen show is in Danish.

  • ‘Twould be great if an English version does get produced 🙂
    Ice… I have a vague idea of the synopsis, but do you have a wider synopsis of the story to ‘Hjälp sökes’? 🙂

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