Benny confirms ‘choir’ album out 18 September, tracklist

Kärlekens Tid
Kärlekens Tid cover. The CD will be released in September 2015

News has surfaced today of the release date and tracklist of the choir album Kärlekens Tid, which Benny has recorded with Gustaf Sjökvist and his Choir.

Some readers will know that since completing the album, Gustaf Sjökvist passed away, which makes the release of this album even more poignant.

Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir
Gustaf Sjökvist’s Chamber Choir

Benny has confirmed the 18 September release and the tracklist as below.

There will also be a release concert in Stockholm around the same time as the CD becomes available but it is not known if this will be a private or public function as yet. More details to follow.

In the meantime, this is looking like a wonderful selection of Benny’s music that will make it on to the forthcoming CD. Thanks Dmitry for the tip off.

  • 1. Kärlekens tid
  • 2. En skrift i snön
  • 3. Down To The Sacred Wave
  • 4. Lilla skara
  • 5. Var hör vi hemma
  • 6. Historien om schack
  • 7. Anthem
  • 8. Innan gryningen
  • 9. Vilar glad. I din famn
  • 10. Klinga mina klockor
  • 11. O klang och jubletid

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