Benny Andersson discusses the new BAO album

As you may know, Benny Andersson has recently been busy recording and mixing the brand new album by his band Benny Anderssons Orkester. Today he has shared some enticing details with us about the forthcoming release.

L-R: Benny behind the controls recording the album (Photo: Nicho Södling) and running through vocal parts with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg (Photo: Jan Bengtson)
L-R: Benny behind the controls recording the album (Photo: Nicho Södling) and running through vocal parts with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg (Photo: Jan Bengtson)

Benny has told icethesite that the album (as yet unnamed), will be available on both CD and vinyl, as well as the usual digital formats and will be released in late May/early June 2016.

It will contain 12 or 13 new Benny Andersson penned tracks, just one of which is an instrumental.

Björn Ulvaeus has provided the lyrics to all but one of the songs, a ballad called Isabella Rahm, which has lyrics by Frida Hyvönen, the only artist apart from BAO signed to Benny’s Mono Music record label.

Benny told us: “Nothing beats the joy of being back in the studio with your friends, trying to record something you think is going to be great. The thrill of it is, you never quite know what the final result will be!”

There is no doubt that he has enjoyed working with his band again immensely and is very pleased with the way the tracks sound.

“I really think this could be our best album to date,” he said. “It is happy music!”

Instead of the mixture of mostly folk and traditional style songs that BAO have previously recorded, the new album consists mainly of 1940s and 1950s style dance music along with a couple of more ‘poppy’ numbers.

“The Swedish dance band tradition is very special and I thought it would feel good to have a bunch of new dance-friendly songs for our summer tour,” Benny explained.

“It is a bit different from our earlier stuff, but not too much so I hope. I think we are still recognisable!” he said

For many years the band have had a loyal group of female supporters, the ‘BAO PRAO, who are known for their exuberant participation at concerts. Benny thought it would be nice to include them on this newest recording:

“There is a sing-a-long song, Timmarna Går Så Fort När Man Har Roligt (Time Flies When You’re Having Fun), so I invited them to add some vocals,” he said.

“Having them in the studio was great fun and they turned out to be much better and more professional than I expected, so they ended up singing on four tracks,” Benny said. “I think we shall now have to put a microphone on them at concerts!”

A single from the forthcoming album will be released as soon as it is finished, possibly by the end of April.

In July, BAO kick off an eight date tour of Sweden starting in Gothenburg, before moving on to Helsingborg, Kalmar, Linköping, Leksand, Uppsala, Trosa and finishing up in Stockholm. (Further information and tickets are available via the links below.)

In the autumn, BAO will appear in an episode of BAO band member Kalle Moreaus’ hit SVT show, Moreaus med Mera.

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  • From Germaine Manuel: I am thrilled to hear about the new recording! I love all of BAO’s cds. I would go to Sweden just to attend one of their wonderful concerts. (Of course, it would be a great privilege and pleasure to visit this beautiful country). Thank you, BAO!!!

  • From Gerard Hesen: Looking very much forward to this new BAO album!

  • From Nick Timko: With Benny, it has always been “all about the music”, so I’m glad to see he’s doing it yet again. Tack för alla år av underbar musik Benny!

  • From John Berhardt: wow 10 or more new Anderson-Ulvaeus songs on one record!

  • From Tony Gibbey in London, UK: Will be purchasing the new CD and also looking forward to visiting Helsingborg and Stockholm for the concerts in July.

  • From Lut: I’m so excited to visit Sweden end of july, first time in my life! Attending the BAO concert in Stockholm will be a dream coming true!

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