Benny Andersson’s ‘Piano’ album tracklist

Benny Andersson's new solo album 'Piano' is released on 29 September
Benny Andersson’s new solo album ‘Piano’ is released on 29 September

The tracklist to Benny Andersson’s new album Piano released on 29 September on Deutsche Grammophon/Universal is now revealed on icethesite in its entirety.

To accompany the release of the album, which will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download formats, a book of sheet music will also be released.

Benny Andersson – Piano

1. I Let The Music Speak
2. You And I
3. Aldrig
4. Thank You For The Music
5. Stockholm By Night
6. Chess
7. The Day Before You Came
8. Someone Else’s Story
9. Midnattsdans
10. Målarskolan
11. I Wonder (Departure)
12. Embassy Lament
13. Anthem
14. My Love, My Life
15. Mountain Duet
16. Flickornas rum
17. Efter regnet
18. Tröstevisa
19. En skrift i snön
20. Happy New Year
21. I gott bevar


  • John Bennhardt sounds relieved: Well I was scared it was just going to be ABBA covers. I am pleased.

  • Ettie Talstra: wow what a wonderfull list

  • Gary McCartney said: Love the Deutsche Grammophon logo on the cover – matches Daniel Barenboim CD covers which look equally as prestigious as Benny’s. Interesting track list and a few surprises, notably less ABBA songs than I anticipated.

    My big disappointment is the lack of ‘When The Waves Roll Out To Sea’. I really was expecting it with my heart sinking slowly as I scanned the list line by line praying that the next track would be it only to, inevitably, run out out tracks – devastated. I’ll recover. Make no mistake. CD and book will be on order very shortly.

    Good luck with the album, Benny.

  • Werner Heyvaert said: Nice sample of the Master’s oeuvre. Thank you, Benny. Hope you will perform them live sometime soon. Werner

  • Russell commented: Whatever had been included would have been brilliant. Surprised to see not so many ABBA tracks, not that I’m disappointed at all. So looking forward to this. Cheers Mr Anderson.

  • Shane said: An incredible list of songs!! This album will be so beautiful. I wish it was out now

  • Patrick Smith said: Some interesting choices. The difficulty must have been what to leave out rather than what to include. Can’t complain about the final track list though – all gems. Looking forward to hearing it in its entirety.

  • Erdem Hussein said: Benny – Wonderful to see you will display that exquisite and melodic piano talent that speaks to the soul with your ABBA hitts and other hits together with sheet music available too! How nice if you to do that. Have been a fan since early ABBA days and you influenced my composing style as melody and beat is so important and so lacking in modern pop music. Looking forward to listening to this album!
    Thank you for the piano music and your influence on me as 15 year pianist and composer Benny!
    Erdem Hussein

  • Patrick Smith said: Some interesting choices. The difficulty was probably what to leave out rather than what to include. The inclusion of “Embassy Lament” may have been a surprise but it sounds good and adds variety. No complaints with the final tracklist though – all gems. Looking forward to hearing the album in its entirety.

  • Eric said: It Will Be a Great Moment to listen to The Music of The greatest Composer!

  • Anna said: I have been listening to the snippets available before release. Beautiful!
    I Love the setlist with not only ABBA songs and the ones he has chosen are the songs not chosen so often – very tasteful indeed!!
    For us Swedes ABBA Seems a long way off as we are familiar With Bennys music after ABBA.
    I can’t wait for the release!!!!!

  • Rose said: Can’t wait for the sheet music to be released (I am a piano teacher with lots of adult students who LOVE Bennys music, as I do) Any idea how long it will be till it is available in the U.K.?

  • Henrik Wellejus said: I wrote it several times . Benny and his music is so special in a horrible music world today . Computer music must be stopped . Its not good fore your mind . Here come benny with his soft wonderful music . It is so great and in bottom you can hear the classical inspiration . Keep on going Benny . I compose myself to theater here in dk .

  • Pat Wilkinson said: Can’t wait to get the CD. Just listened to you on BBC Breakfast. I love listening to you play the piano. Thank you for ALL your music over many years x

  • Jill Flinders said: I love abba,they will never be forgotten benny can make a keyboard im glad he has made an album I will definetly be buying it.

  • Andrew said: Over the years people have always pondered as to why ABBA were so popular. I think when you here there music on only the piano like this you get the answer. Just wonderful melodies that require nothing extra to hit the spot.

  • Gaston Lebreux (Montreal): Is your album available in Canada?

    I searched on the album list for : The Winner takes it all,,, maybe on your next album.
    Best success with your wonderful music

  • Agnar Johan Hanssen; Dette var en fantastisk samling av nydelig musikk. Mitt største ønske er å få oppleve en konsert med Benny Anderson live. Min fråga er. Planlegges det slike konserter ?

  • Gunnel Larsdotter: This is a wonderful CD! I’ve listened to it every day since I got it. My favorites are #1 (Let the music speak) and #2 (Midnattsdans/Midnight dance) both of which are mesmerizing,

  • Ernie said: Beautiful phrasing, beautiful touch, wonderful piano. Can’t get enough of it. Transports me out of this desert of piffle which is loaded with cacophony. More please of this please Benny.

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