Benny Andersson says that the fans helped bring his ‘Piano’ CD about

In an interview just before ‘Piano’ was released, Benny says that he knew there was an audience for a stripped back piano only version of his music, thanks to feedback that he had read on icethesite. Enjoy!

The video appears on icethesite’s Facebook page and if you’re not following already, do give us a look!


  • James Buckland said: As a budding oil painter, I’m enjoying listening to this album whilst tackling my first portrait which I’ve chosen to be of Mr Andersson as he appears on the front of the album cover. I would like this album to do very well. Seeing it in the charts would please me so much.

  • Adam said: Thank you Benny!
    Great tracklist and I love the way you chose lesser known tracks and not only ABBA! It brings the album to new hights! It’s time for the rest of the world to understand that you are much more than Abba!! Like we in Sweden do.
    Tack för musiken!

  • Robert said: Benny, as I see you are reading the comments here, I want to say this album is really excellent and precious! Another masterpiece. Thank you so much that you did it! And maybe there could be another one soon?

    Among my favourite tracks are Someone Else’s Story, Midnattsdans, The Day Before You Came and Tröstevisa. But they are all so good…

    If you would like to perform it live and you are reluctant being alone on the stage, I got the idea, what if you take along Helen Sjöholm and let her sing some of the songs? That would be a different project, but still… She is used to sing with a pianist, like Martin Östergren or Anders Widmark, so why not with Benny Andersson too… 🙂

  • Mike Pearce said:Thank you Benny. I have just received Piano the cd and music book. My favourite is Anthem from Chess, so beautiful. The key signature change in I wonder has created a much sweeter and crisp melody, a simple but brilliant change.
    I am looking forward to listening to the cd and enjoying the challenge of playing your scores.

    Tack sa’ mycket

  • Onno Conde Nieto said: Great interview! Actualiteit Chess was the fitst musical I ever saw. I was visiting family in the UK bear Windsor. I just turned 17, and of my last money I managed to buy a ticket. I was thrilled to go to London alone. I had a great seat and the whole original cast was on stage (July 1986). When Elaine and Tommy sang Mountain Duet I was blown away by the song and their performance. Suddenly a song that was not a favorite before made an unforgettable impression. That day was very defining for me as a young man growing up and laid the base for my love of theatre ( I work for the Dutch National Opera & Ballet and do a lot of theatre in my spare time). An unforgettable show and timeless music.

  • Michael Salkeld said: An incredible album,Dream like and Emotive! all the pieces from Chess are superb as solo piano, I could have listened to the whole of Chess like this. Thank you for the Music is almost Scot Joplin esc.
    when you listen to the Benny Andersson Orchestra pieces you almost imagine an emotive Charlie Chaplin film flickering in the back ground,
    and the day before you came which I couldn’t imagine as solo piano is a wonderful arrangement.

    I only only really buy vinyl these days so I would have much preferred the Vinyl be released at the same time as the CD.
    The HMV shop has also been reconfigured to desplay vinyl as you walk in.

    An amazing album but I feel I will have to buy it twice as the release date for the Vinyl is not clear yet.

  • Svein Sørensen: Thank you Benny, for an amazing and stunning album honouring a bouquet of your greatest hits – songs that will continue to live on for years. It’s hard to pick a favourite song from “Piano” , that list includes in fact most of the tracks on the album. Tracks that I’ve grown up with, danced to, relaxed to, sung – in short terms: enjoyed!! Regards from one of your greatest fans in Norway! 🙂

  • Scott Ruby said: I have been a fan of ABBA for years and I decided to get this album for my daughter who plays piano as I had.I ended up really enjoying the sound of the piano versions on their own as well as other of Mr. Andersson’s works outside of ABBA.I decided to order the piano music,and return to playing again because of this album.I hope there will be another album in the works and if there is please consider bringing an advanced version of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room…to life for piano only.Thank you Benny!

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