Benny Anderssons Orkester – ‘Bästa Låtarna’ tracklist

Planned for release on 14 June is the eagerly awaited ‘Best of’ compilation by Benny Anderssons Orkester with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg.

The release will be available on vinyl (not on 14 June but before the Summer tour) as well as CD and via the usual digital music outlets.

Bästa Låtarna to be released on 14 June.
New song 'Om du var jag' is the first release from the 'Best of' album.
New song ‘Om du var jag’ is the first release from the ‘Best of’ album.


  1. Cirkus Finemang
  2. Lyckan kommer, lyckan går – new track
  3. Vår sista dans
  4. Det är vi ändå
  5. Du är min man
  6. Fait Accompli
  7. En dag i sänder
  8. Nu mår jag mycket bättre
  9. Story Of A Heart
  10. En natt i Köpenhamn
  11. Om du var jag – new track


  • Edward Veldman: Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to this release.
    Would you happen to know if Det är vi ändå is
    the live version, or a studio recording?

  • Gert: Björn and Benny are the real kings of the re-re-re-release !!

  • Svein Sørensen: Looking so forward to this recording!! All the best songs in one collection… It’ll be a great summer this year!

  • Loyd Gravitt: Awesome!!!! Any chance you might add some US cities to the tour?

  • Warren Davies: Greetings from Australia!
    Would love to be at the concert.
    Benny, we need your entire catalogue in 5.1
    Yours in music,

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