Meeting Benny Andersson

Thank you to everyone who contributed their fantastic stories of meeting Benny. They have been incredible to read, encompassing some very personal meetings. Thanks too for the many great pictures.

In the end, I could not include everybody or devote the time required to format everything for the website, so I have put together a pdf which you can read on the site or download. There really are some great stories included.

I know there has been a long wait to get to read either yours or others’ stories but I am sure you will think that it was worth the wait. The document is a great testament to Benny, one of the world’s biggest music stars, that he has touched so many lives with his generosity of spirit towards fans.

Apologies for the delay and heartfelt thanks again to everyone who wrote in…happy reading!

Please note: An earlier version of the .pdf was uploaded in error. The current one is the official one.


  • What a touching compilation of stories and pictures! It’s such a great idea. Thank you!

  • This is excellent. Thank you icethesite for publishing my article back in 2010 when I met Benny and Frida at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in New York City! Jim McGuire, San Francisco

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