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Commenting on icethesite just got better

icethesite logoFirstly, I know that some of you were getting irritated with the re-captcha spam test that asked you to type the words shown to you into a box before your comment would be submitted.

I had to introduce something because the level of spam the site was attracting was making it impossible to moderate. However, I heard your cries!

I have now introduced another system which means there is nothing else to do, after you have made your comment, other than to press the ‘Submit comment’ button.

Modification number two means that on the ‘Comments’ (see image right), you can now see far more of previous comments which gives more of an indication as to what someone has said previously on a topic.

Modification number three means that you can now have your picture (ideally!)  on icethesite! All you need to do is submit your chosen image to Gravatar (Global avatar) and provided the email address you use to sign up (it’s free!) and the one you use to comment on icethesite is one and the same, your image will show when you make a comment.

Posts on the site have had over 5,700 comments since commenting was first introduced – I hope these changes will mean we’ll be at 6,000 in no time!

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Get the full icethesite service…

icethesite logoicethesite has a presence not only as a standalone website but also on the two big social network phenomenons Twitter and Facebook. Some news appears exclusively on those and not on the main site if it doesn’t warrant a full article, or isn’t directly involving news about Benny and Björn and their musical projects.

For example, right now you’ll find a link from icethesite’s Facebook page to a translation of the recent Agnetha interview with M Magazine in Sweden. The latest ‘tweets’ from the Twitter account are pulled into the main site in the right-hand menu.

Do pay them a visit – you don’t need to be a member of either to just read the posts. And rest assured that all the main Benny and Björn news will always appear on this website.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support and all the very best for 2011.

The Day Before You Came takes it all

Well, what a great time I’ve had adding up the votes for songs for a hypothetical Benny Andersson instrumental album!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Missed the original concept? Here’s the post that started it.

I would like to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who responded. I know many of you really dug deep and gave it some serious consideration.

There were over 125 different songs suggested!

One wasn’t even written by Benny! i.e. Gammal fäbodpsalm (1936, Oskar Lindberg) although that song was of course arranged and performed by Benny as an introduction to the 1979/1980 ABBA live concert appearances (so, you’re forgiven Rob!).

As I was totting up the votes, the song in the lead kept changing and some songs were popular later on that weren’t even in the running to start with…it was like the voting in the Eurovision Song Contest!

So, without further ado – drumroll please – here are the top 35 suggestions (the songs that secured 4 votes or more with the number of votes alongside), as voted for by you. Where songs recorded an equal amount of votes, they are listed alphabetically:

The Top 10 (35 into 10 does go!):

1.    The Day Before You Came 14
2.    I Let The Music Speak 12
3=   Just Like That 11
3=   The Winner Takes It All 11
4=   Chess 10
4=   When The Waves Roll Out To Sea 10
5.    When All Is Said And Done 9
6=   Efter regnet 8
6=   If It Wasn’t For The Nights 8
6=   Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 8
7=   Guldet blev till sand 7
7=   Hemma 7
7=   I Know Him So Well 7
7=   Move On 7
8=   Anthem 6
8=   Cassandra 6
8=   Chiquitita 6
8=   Thank You For The Music 6
8=   Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing 6
9=   Dancing Queen 5
9=   Intermezzo #1 5
9=   My Love, My Life 5
9=   Saknadens rum 5
9=   Stockholm By Night 5
9=   Story Of A Heart 5
10= Andante Andante 4
10= Du måste finnas 4
10= Klinga mina klockor 4
10= Min astrakan 4
10= One Man, One Woman 4
10= Should I Laugh Or Cry 4
10= Slipping Through My Fingers 4
10= Someone Else’s Story 4
10= The Name Of The Game 4
10= The Way Old Friends Do 4

It’s great that we had a clear winner and that there were 35 songs with four votes or more and that they fitted conveniently into ten positions! You all are so good to me!!!

I find the results fascinating! What are your thoughts?