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Hypothetical Benny Andersson instrumental album

icethesite logoThere is quite a feeling among ABBA fans that a Benny Andersson solo project, featuring the great man himself on piano revisiting past recordings, would be an absolutely wonderful album to own.

I know that this has been suggested to Benny a few times in person as well.

Now, I’ve no idea if the recording of such an album is a realistic prospect or not – however, wouldn’t it be great if we, the fans, could influence in some way the choice of songs that Benny chose to play?

"Any requests?!"

If that were the case and you could choose ten tracks from any of the songs on which Benny has a songwriting credit, which ones would you choose?

So, that would encompass Gemini, Josefin Nilsson, the musicals and of course ABBA, The Hep Stars and BAO plus Benny’s solo recordings that could be revisited and re-interpreted.

Ah – the thought if it! I’m sure I speak for us all if we say that we don’t mind if it’s a download only album…

So, to start the ball rolling, I’ll stick my neck out and give you my choices (in no particular order) right from the get-go!

I Wonder (Departure)
The Winner Takes It All
Du frälste mig i sista stund
Guldet blev till sand
Another You, Another Me
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
I Know Him So Well
I gott bevar
Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing

Please only submit ten songs – if you submit eleven or nine etc. then your suggestions will not be included. Of course, it’s a hard choice…I could have picked at least forty songs and suggested a triple album…but please let’s just keep it to ten and see what gems turn up!

icethesite – version 4.0 beta is launched

icethesite logoThe good news is icethesite is back on the interwebs with a new look! The not so good news is that there is still a bit of work to do. So don’t worry about missing content, imagery and videos – it’s all coming! Plus, there will be a new email address for the site.

I’d say that about 95% of the content plus over 5,000 comments have been moved over to the new design, so not too bad. The rest I hope to move and/or update over the weeks up to the end of the year. So there’s still plenty to do but I really hope you like the new look.

Thanks to those that provided feedback as to what they would like to see on the site and the main one was access to the most recent comments. This is now available in the tabs on the right of the page. If you hover over the comment, the story that it relates to will appear – click the comment and you’ll go straight to it.

News from the icethesite Twitter feed is now brought into the main site. Do check it out (right), it will have more general ABBA news, including much more current news about Agnetha and Frida and will feature links to sites and stories that may not make it onto the main site.

Searching for stories is now improved, you can either use the search box or search by tags.

Like a particular story? Let your friends know by either sharing it on Facebook, using the Facebook ‘Like’ button, or by ‘tweeting’ it. The icethesite Facebook page will continue to feature the main stories from the site as well as exclusives.

Want to see the most recent posts? They will appear in the ‘Latest’ tab – top right of the site. If you want to see a slightly older story, then take a look at the brand new Archive page. This page lists the last 30 stories – plus you get to choose by year and/or month for stories older than that. The link to the archive appears at the bottom of every post and page.

Also on every page is a link to the icethesite updated Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

Finally, to launch, there are a couple of long recent interviews for you to read that didn’t appear on the previous version of the site plus news of Benny out and about in Stockholm recently.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while the old site was ‘frozen’ and special thanks to the amazing Stephen Sandison who has helped the site move platforms.


Frida and Agnetha attending Mamma Mia!

The first clip features Frida joining Benny and Björn on the stage at the Prince Edward Theatre, London on the night of the show’s 5th anniversary (April 6, 2004) and the second one is Agnetha’s entrance to Cirkus for the premiere of Mamma Mia! på Svenska (February 12, 2005). Of course, we saw her inside the theatre as well, but this is the extent of my video of her on the night.

31 October 2010. Please note: This video is currently unavailable. I hope to have it online again soon.

I hope you enjoy seeing these clips as much as I have enjoyed seeing them again and putting them together…and publishing them on icethesite for the first time.

I’d also like to say a big ‘Hello’ to all those people that I should see more often, who shared those two special evenings with me – you know who you are – thinking of you also!