Update: Mamma Mia! movie soundtrack nominated for but loses out on a Grammy award

The award is to the Artist(s) and/or Producer(s) of a majority of the tracks on the album, or to the individual(s) actively responsible for the concept and musical direction and for the selection of artists, songs and producers, as applicable.

Mamma Mia! will be up against American Gangster, August Rush, Juno and Sweeney Todd — The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

The 51st Grammy awards take place on 08 February 2009 at the Staples centre in Los Angeles.

UPDATE 09 Feb 2009: The award went to the soundtrack for Juno.


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  • I think it’s great, the American critics have always marginalized ABBA, this would be away to make right. I don’t ever remember them being nominated by the Grammy’s in any catagory. (correct me if I’m wrong…it was along time ago) Surly "Dancing Queen" or "Take a chance on me" should’ve for song of the year. "The Album" and "Super Trouper" for album of the year. By the way, Best new artist in 1974 was given to Marvin Hamlisch for "The Entertainer"
    PS: It’s a crime ABBA keep getting snubbed by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame too!

  • You’re right…ABBA itself was never nominated for a Grammy. The only even remotely ABBA-related nominations have been for the "Chess" Broadway cast album and the "Mamma Mia" cast album and soundtracks.

  • What a shame! They would have deserved it but I suppose ABBA were never big enough in the states… John

  • Too bad….but in a way they have already won – the world has showed them! Anna

  • Critics never took to ABBA like their fans of the world did. So we fans will have to put up with ABBA not receiving many awards or getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s just the way it is. But, as long as I can listen to their great music, I don’t give a damn. They will always be winners to me.

  • Mama Mia is much better.

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