Riksmixningsverket (RMV) is open for business

Benny Andersson’s new studio venture is now open and the first clients, as revealed to icethesite by Benny himself, are BAO (Benny Anderssons Orkester).
The announcement on the studio’s funky new social media-enabled website states “The infamous 16 are here. The dancebands of all dancebands are making the walls bend to their ‘folkjazzpopswinghonkytonkorchestralbluesclassicbigbandoldtime’ madness. Much to official RMV-dachshound’s endless delight.”
To see ‘official RMV-dachsound’, the glorious studio setting, the equipment and to read the studio blog, get yourself along to rmvstudio.com.
Benny Andersson's new studio 'Riksmixningsverket' (RMV)
Benny Andersson's new studio 'Riksmixningsverket' (RMV)
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10 Replies to “Riksmixningsverket (RMV) is open for business”

  1. Benny’s GX-1 is there, alive and just waiting to be played!!

    What a unique delicious treat (:

    Just this, converts RMV studio into an special “instrument” to be added into many different albums for decades to come.

    I wonder if some sort of extended catalog of tapestry samples (sound library) could be produced in order to remotely advance users into what range of possibilities GX-1 has… Surely there is already an appointed person/engineer dedicated to ease its configuration.

  2. Maybe one day this studio will be as legendary as Polar! Looking forward to the first sounds from RMV!

  3. Ah this will be the building right next door to Mono Music then that we saw being done up last year when we were in Stockholm then.

  4. Excellent! Just don’t ask me to pronounce it. 😉

    Now, after BAO has tested it out Benny can do his solo piano album there. Right, Benny? Right?

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