Benny Andersson interview (Part 2)

Benny Andersson, December 2013 in Stockholm talking exclusively to icethesite.
Benny Andersson, December 2013 in Stockholm talking exclusively to icethesite.

In this second and final part of Benny Andersson’s interview with icethesite, filmed in December 2013, Benny talks about some of the projects he was involved in during the preceding year. From the musical Hjälp sökes, through Kristina från Duvemåla in Helsinki to winning a ‘Swedish Oscar’ for the score to the movie Palme – and more besides.

I hope you enjoy this second part as much as I enjoyed working on it!

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15 Replies to “Benny Andersson interview (Part 2)”

  1. Merci !! Thanks for two parts of Benny’s interview, it was very interesting to have all those passed and news informations.

  2. Thank U Ice for all the good work you’re doing…Really nice talking to you 2,5 years ago at BAO concert in Leksand.. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the interview. One thing that puzzled me was how little Benny had to say about the Kristina Helsinki production and the forthcoming Gothenburg and Stockholm productions. I would have liked to hear more about them, but maybe he for some reason didn’t have much to say about it.

  4. Great to hear ‘En Skrift I Snön’ might make it to the Next BAO album! And that other tune leading up to it must find its way onto cd, please, Benny: perhaps just like that: piano and organ or flutes, woodwind, fiddle, french horn…? It is a beautiful prelude-like piece before the melody line to ‘En Skrift I Snön’ begins instrumentally.
    Btw why not use the organ for an Intermezzo no.2 composition? 🙂

  5. Many thanks for this excellent interview! Great to hear that Hjälp sökes may (will?) return this autumn! 😀

  6. Abba probably never reunite. But wouldn´t it be nice if Bjorn and Benny did a kind of pop record themselves, as they did with “Lycka” 1970 ? Just the two of them doing popsongs.

  7. Great job Ice!
    The best site for up to date news and not only “old stuff”.
    Benny keeps busy a class act!

  8. How magnificent 🙂 An absolute brilliant performance! Very, very interesting news! And a relaxed Benny! He’s so sparkling with musical ideas every time! Optimally for all of us (he self included)! It was nice to met you Ice & A. in Pitea! All the best here!

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