ABBA – The Official Photo Book announced

ABBA - The Official Photo Book
ABBA – The Official Photo Book cover

The first authorised book on the lives and careers of ABBA and its members, ABBA – The Official Photo Book is to be published in Spring 2014 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the group’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The book will be available in four versions:

  • The standard ‘bookstore’ edition
  • A Swedish language ‘Deluxe’ edition
  • English language ‘Deluxe’ version – A 10,000 copy limited edition
  • ‘Super Trouper’ version – A 5,000 copy limited edition

Produced in conjunction with one of Europe’s finest illustrated publishers Max Ström, the award-winning picture editor Bengt Wanselius and the talented Swedish writer Petter Karlsson, it has been described as one of the most prestigious music books ever published, and has the full co-operation of Benny, Björn, Agnetha and Frida, who have all contributed a foreword and commentary to some of the pictures.

The coffee-table sized book designed by Patric Leo, (who has also designed Benny Andersson’s latest records), in the format of a classic LP, weighs in at a whopping 3 kilos, contains more than 400 pages and over 600 pictures, many of which have never previously been published.

ABBA – The Official Photo Book features images from the pre-ABBA years, the band’s formation, their breakthrough at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest and the global super-stardom that followed, as well as private photographs, unpublished pictures by famous press photographers, alternative shots from album cover shoots and behind-the-scenes pictures from the major tours. There are also photographic insights into their post-ABBA careers together with recent photographs of all four.

See a preview of the inside of the book.

“I am thrilled with all of these pictures, some of which I am seeing now for the very first time. The book provides a real trip down memory lane,” said Frida.

‘The Deluxe’ Versions

ABBA – The Official Photo Book Deluxe Editions, have all the content of the regular bookstore edition plus every book contains an extra section of 20 pages with images from major live concerts (total page count of the Deluxe Edition is 420 pages) and includes a brand new DVD documentary: ABBA IN PICTURES – The Photographers’ Stories, specially produced for the limited editions.

The exclusive English language edition is limited to 10,000 copies.

‘The Super Trouper Limited Edition’ version

Limited to 5000 copies worldwide, the first 4 of which will be presented to the ABBA members themselves, The Super Trouper Limited Edition comes in a presentation box signed by the authors and includes bonus material such as 18 postcards of never-before seen ABBA images, an extra 40 pages of photos from all the major live concerts and a brand new, specially produced DVD documentary: ABBA In Pictures – The Photographers’ Stories.

ABBA - The Official Photo Book Super Trouper Limited Edition
ABBA – The Official Photo Book Super Trouper Limited Edition
  • The Super Trouper Limited Edition is limited to 5,000 copies worldwide
  • is presented in a beautiful bespoke presentation box
  • is numbered and signed by the authors
  • includes a high quality numbered photographic print – a rare alternative shot from the cover shoot for Super Trouper, size 21 x 30 cm, perfect for framing as the ultimate ABBA memento · includes 18 postcards containing exclusive and never-before seen ABBA images, each postcard printed 15 × 10 cm
  • has a special extra section of 40 pages with images from major live concerts from ABBA’s entire career (total page count of The Super Trouper Limited Edition is 460 pages)
  • includes a brand new DVD documentary: ABBA In Pictures – The Photographers’ Stories, specially produced for the limited editions
  • includes an extra section of 20 pages listing all the dedicated fans who have made this limited edition possible
  • If you order before December 15th your name will be inscribed in the book. Make history and be a part of creating this extraordinary edition

Both of the ‘Deluxe’ and the ‘Super Trouper’ editions of the new book are available to pre-order now.

It is possible to purchase the postcard set (a unique and exclusive collection of 18 high-quality 15 x 10 cm postcards, containing rare, exclusive and never-before seen ABBA images) and the poster (50 x 50 cm on high-quality gloss paper with foil gold blocking) included with the limited edition books, as separate items.

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  • Hello. I want to order the ‘The Super Trouper Limited Edition’ version of Abba the official photo book But I need the isbn of the book because I will order it in to the Madiamarkt Shop in Brussels (Rue Neuve at 1000 Brussels). In fact, I have no Paypal and no master card to pay you via internet. Thnak you for yours informations. Greetings, Serge

  • I would like to order the Super Trouper Limited Edition but can’t afford to have the money taken out of my account until January please can you advise me on what to do?

    Kind regards


  • Hello, I wish to contact Pledge Music re changing my order however have not received a reply from the two emails I have sent. The telephone number for the UK address has been disconnected. Since the money has gone from my account I am a little concerned. Can anyone shed any light on this matter ?

  • Hello. I think that Pledge Music is poorly run. Be careful!

  • how much will the super trouper edition cost?

  • Some months ago I tried to contact Pledge Music to change my order from the Deluxe to Supertrouper edition. I sent messages on this website as well as attempted to contact Pledge via their UK and US telephone numbers. Not a single reply. Now I read the above comments and wonder whether I will receive my copy or even if I do, will it be in one piece? I think Icesite should take some responsibility for this farce and force Pledge Music to honour their grandiose promises of our receiving one of the most prestiges books ever published.
    I see a class action against Pledge Music and possibly Icesite if this situation isn’t fixed. There is no way i will accept a damaged product and i hope no one else will either. Just what do the members of ABBA have to say about this matter ? Craig

  • The Super Trouper Edition arrived as a gift for someone and the collector’s box inside the mailing package was badly damaged with split seam corners on both the upper and lower portion of the box. As a collectible at a significant price point, this is unacceptable. I contacted Pledge Music earlier today and will await a response within three days. If I don’t hear from them, I will call my credit card company and begin a consumer dispute. If Pledge doesn’t make good on any damaged products, this may be recourse for those that used credit cards for their purchase. I hope this helps anyone in that dilemma.

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